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I recently came across this picture on Facebook, and had to post it. I thought it was halarious!!!
I wanted to quickly share with you what kinds of precautions we have been taking since this whole Swine Flu scare. My husband Sean, has actually been the one that has taken the time to look into it for us. I'm going to have him share with you what we've learned. My Father in Law, Tony Escobar, is a Biosynthesis, and a product formulator himself, so my husband grew up learning all about vitamins, and supplements, which ones are good, and which ones are a waste of money. So, I'm pretty confident in my husbands choices when it comes to this kind of stuff.

From Sean:

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this information with you. Whether or not you feel that the Swine Flu is a serious threat is irrelevant. What is critical, is that we realize that it is essential to strengthen our immune systems, to overcome what may come in the future be it swine flu or whatever.

You can see all of the research at www.mercola.com (you should join this newsletter). This guy Dr. Mercola can be a bit over the top at times, however you can’t beat the research and info.

Canada just released a study that they did on 11 million people, where they found that people who had received the regular flu vaccine are 2 times more likely to contract the swine flu. Canada is holding off on such vaccines. http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2009/11/10/Canadian-Provinces-Suspend-Seasonal-Flu-Shots-and-Recommend-Vitamin-D.aspx
I’m not trying to make you feel bad if you got the flu shot, I’m pointing out that the medical field is not going to rescue us so to speak. We can’t just have blind faith in them. We have to do our own homework and look for alternative methods of prevention.

Everyone knows the power Vitamin C. Vitamin D3 is the most powerful nutritive for avoiding the flu or cold in the winter months. See it’s no coincidence that when people stop receiving daily sunlight (winter months), they start getting sick, or what we call “flu season.” Vitamin D3 is the nutrient that comes from the Sun. This is why it is referred to as the Sunshine Vitamin. When people supplement with D3 during “Flu Season,” they are much much much less likely to contract the flu. It is proven in many studies.
Article on D3 for the Flu: http://articles.mercola.com/sites/articles/archive/2008/10/21/avoid-flu-shots-vitamin-d-is-a-better-way.aspx

Last year I supplemented with D3 and didn’t get the flu. The year before, well that was a different matter all together, I got so sick that I went in to the doctor because I thought I was dying. The doc couldn’t do anything for me, he basically said, “some good that flu shot did ya.” One of my family members told me he gets the flu shot every year and still gets the flu, this is sooooo true. People don’t even realize what is in those shots. Mercury which will never leave the body, formaldehyde and antifreeze. Watch this video:

So the moral of this story, get on C and D3 and your kids too.
I’ve been feeding my kids liquid form as it is much more assimilated in the body. I just suck it up in one of those syringes that the Doctors use (less the needle) and then I just squirt it in their mouth. I like this brand because it tastes kind of sour and zingy and the kids like it and it is affordable online. You pay more than double at health food stores, I don’t shop at health food stores, buy everything online. Vitacost is the bomb and ship super fast. (Don’t buy First Defense for kids, that one does taste atrocious, I can’t even stomach it, but the Multiple Vitamin is very good.)

Also important to know that Sugar Suppresses the Immune system, making kids vulnerable so we should all cut back.


Love ya!


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Thanks for stopping by my blog. Love love love the photo at the top. I love pictures of my kids actually "being kids". I am looking forward to stopping by often! :)

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that picture is hilarious!!!

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That is SO funny....I almost peed my pants!! Thanks for stopping by :)

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