12 Weeks And Counting

Hello my long lost friends!!!
I know I've been pretty much non existent these days, but I intend on getting back on the saddle. I just hit the 12 week mark (in my pregnancy) and have been feeling MUCH better. I seriously spent a good 6 weeks on my couch. So sick, so tired, and no motivation to do anything. I apologize for not responding to emails too. I plan on cleaning out my inbox today.

This past week I've been in St. George, furnishing and decorating our new house. I'm going to video tape it all today and give you a little peak at the progress we've made so far. Still lots more to do, but it's coming along.

Here is a fun picture Sean took of a little humming birds next in our front courtyard. We even have a little dove family in our backyard. We are sure enjoying it here and I'm absolutely LOVING the weather. It's been 80 degrees almost every day.

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Week #3 Work Out Program

I've FINALLY finished week #3 of my 4 week work out program. If you missed the first two here they are:
Week #1
Week #2
This is part of my 52 Weeks of Balance Project. All of these printout inserts go with the Wanna Be Balanced Day Planner, you can buy yours HERE.

Click HERE to print.

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Great Sales Going On!!!

Lately I've been laying around all day feeling nauseous and having barely enough energy to take care of my kids. This is the time where I think to myself, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO????
Or better yet, what did SEAN get me into. What a jerk right :)
I'm kidding Sean :) I love your finger paintings.
*That's a line from Happy Gilmore incase you were confused. I kind of like to quote movies.

So anyway, yesterday I ventured out into the world after being home bound for the last few weeks. I went and got a pedicure and manicure, then did a little shopping. Nothing like a little pampering followed with some money spending to make me forget about the morning sickness.

The Sweetest Thingz was where I landed and ended up finding some GREAT deals! They've got a sale going on AND having a little Ladies Night special happening tomorrow night. Here's the details.

"Join us this friday, for Girl's night out 5-10 p.m. Mother's day event.
If you Grab your Mom or bring anyone who's a mom you both will recieve a free gift with any purchase!!!
We are also going to give a free pair of our super cute rainboots with every $50.00 purchase! (while supplies last) so come early for best selection and sizes!
As well as an additional free item off of the clearance rack if you spend $100.00.
Also buy one get one 1/2 off on all jeans and capri's; including Rock Revivals and MEKS.
We also have sales going on around the store for this night
This is a perfect oppurtunity to get your mom a mother's day gift she will love!!!
and as always we will have yummy kneaders treats!!!
Love to see you there!!!"

Here are just a few of the things I got, I was too tired to get dressed up and take pictures of everything :)
I got these adorable shoes for $29.95

I got this cute shrug for $19.95, the dress for $39.95 and the hat for $14.95. This dress is perfect for a growing midsection :)

Also got Sean a pair of jeans and shorts. Look how sexy these shorts are!

And here's a couple pictures of some other things they have.

Happy Shopping!!!
By the way, if there is anything you want from The Sweetest Thingz and don't live nearby, then just contact Allison on facebook and she said she's be willing to ship items to you.

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New Home!

A couple weeks ago we spent some time in St. George looking for a place to buy. No we are not moving, just need a place to stay to escape these extremely LONG winters in Salt Lake City.

I mean seriously, snow in MAY? That's ridiculous!

So the only solution was to get one of these in the WARM and sunny St. George.

I'm SO excited about this place! All I've been doing for the past week is shopping furniture and home decor. Can't wait to show you pictures of what it's going to look like after I'm finished with it. Here's what it looks like now, but stay tuned for all the after pics. Decorating this place is going to be SO much fun for me!!!

Come on in!!!

Let me show you around...

Here is the living room...

Here's the kitchen...

Here's the casita...

with a little half kitchen area...

 and bathroom.

And this is my favorite part of the whole house...
A courtyard!!! I've always dreamed of having a court yard in my house.

With a pool!!!!

Here is the master bedroom...
 With a work out room right next to it! How cool is that! Who ever designed this house must have known they were building it for me :)

Master bathroom with a his and hers sink...

 Now let's take a look upstairs...

This will be the TV room.

Oliver's room...

 Lily's room...

And nursery...

 And last but not least...

The laundry room!!!
Right now is a GREAT time to buy! Lots of great deals out there.  I'm incredibly grateful we found such an incredible place we can now call our own.

*We can thank Isagenix for making it possible for us to afford a second home as beautiful as this one.

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Ten Signs of Pregnancy

In the beginning stages of pregnancy, it’s hard to fully convert to the idea that a little human being is developing inside you.  All signs point towards pregnancy, but without the basketball tummy and feeling the little one move inside you, doubt may cloud whats real.

So today I thought I’d point out the ten signs of pregnancy.

#1. If 8 hours of sleep is no longer sufficient, but 16 seems to do the trick...

You might be a redneck...

Oops, I mean PREGNANT.

#2. Your new residence resides in "la la land."

#3. You begin craving weird things like Spaghetti O’s or get sudden burst of hunger at 2 in the morning.

#4.  You find yourself wearing things like this...

and have no clue why people keep looking at you funny. This really happened to me.

#5.  You’ve lost all motivation. Suddenly your life of productive multitasking turns into the desire to do… NOTHING… absolutely NOTHING.

#6.  You can smell a poopy diaper from a mile away, and the thought of changing it makes you insanely nauseous. 

#7.  You begin gaining weight everywhere possible including your toes.

#8.  Your hormones fluctuate as rapidly as the stock market.

#9.  You discover little black hairs in weird random places like your chin and even your elbow.

#10.  You forget important things like changing the oil in your car, where you live, or even the names of your children.

So there ya have it!

This describes exactly what I've been going through the past two weeks. I feel like a completely different person and only hope things will get better in the second trimester.

Oh the things we go through to bring these little people into the world.

P.S. I'm sorry I have not posted week #3 of the work out program. I promise I will still put it together, just need a little more time.

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Jewel Kade Giveaway!!!

It's the perfect time to have another jewelry giveaway seeing that Mothers Day is right around the corner. Jewel Kade has a great new Mother's Day selection that is sure to assist you in finding that special personalized gift for your mom.

Here is my newest Jewel Kade piece.

And here's the flip side of it.

Don't ya love it!!! These kinds of necklaces are so fun because you can mix and match the charms and chains how ever you want.

Here is their mother's day selection. All orders must be in by April 24th to guarantee Mothers Day arrival.

About Jewel Kade:

The company is about 1 year old. The pieces are hand made in Utah- no 2 pieces are exactly alike-- It's truly like wearing a piece of art. The pieces are all interchangeable- (mix and match), great for any attire-from casual/jeans or dressy. You can even upload a photo for a very special, personalized photo charm. New pieces released every couple months. 

My friend Kathy Andrews is looking to have people join her team to rep this new line of jewelry- The timing is perfect!

For more information on how you can become a Jewel Kade consultant:

Contact my Kathy by email: kathyandrews@wowway.com

Or you can call her: 248-895-0046

Now to enter the giveaway!!!

Here's how it works:

To enter the giveaway leave a comment telling me what you're going to get for your mom for Mother's Day in the comments section of this post. Be sure to leave your email address if it's not already public in your profile. I need to have a way of contacting you if you're the winner. The prize is a $40 gift card to Jewel Kade. Giveaway ends April 22nd.

For additional chances to win you can leave a separate comment for each thing you do from the list below.

Good luck!!!!!

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