Make Your Own Kombucha

I've known about Kombucha since I was about 15 years old. My mom used to make it but of course back then I really wasn't concerned about my health. Hence the countless hours I spent baking in the sun, and junk food I consumed on a daily basis. 

  So now that I'm older and wiser, and actually CARE about what I put into my body, I decided to do a little research on it. I had no idea the incredible  health benefits this stuff offers.

  Who out there has tried Kombucha? I've learned how to flavor it just right and now it's my favorite drink. I've completely replaced my nasty addiction to soda with this probiotic packed power drink. I'm seriously obsessed. I crave it!!!!

Kombucha is a beverage the ancient Chinese called the “Immortal Health Elixir?” It’s been around for more than 2,000 years and has a rich anecdotal history of health benefits like improving digestion, boosting energy, reducing stress, and helping your immune system.

Reasons to drink Kombucha!

  • Improved Digestion
  • Weight Loss
  • Increased Energy
  • Cleansing and Detoxification
  • Immune Support
  • Reduced Joint Pain
  • Cancer Prevention
  I'm going to give you a crash course on how to make Kombucha because it's actually pretty simple. Also, you'll save a TON of money by making it yourself. You'll spend up to $4 a bottle if you buy it at the store. You can find all the supplies you need on Amazon. I created a shopping list for you HERE and you can watch my how-to video at the end of this post or find me you YouTube. I've also provided a PRINTABLE RECIPE for you.

  What you'll need:

* Scobi mushroom and 2 cups Kombucha (you can order them online)

* Flip top bottles (I got mine on Amazon)

* Green tea packets

* Organic raw cane sugar

* Strainer

* Something to flavor with ( I like to use some Replenish powder because it's low in sugar and it's packed with vitamin B and electrolytes. My other favorite is frozen raspberries blended up with a little water to make it smooth). 


  First you'll need to boil 3  quarts of water. Remove from heat and add 5-6 green tea bags. Let steep for about 5 minutes then add 1 cup of sugar. Stir until sugar dissolves. 

Let cool to room temperature then remove tea bags and pour tea into gallon size mason jar. Then add your 2 cups of Kombucha and the scobi mushroom. 

  Now it's time to ferment. Find a place in your house that stays about 75 degrees. Then just leave it there for a week to ten days. This is what it will look like.

 Use a strainer then a funnel when pouring out the tea into the flip top bottles. Leave a little room in the bottle to add some juice or powder for flavoring.

  Close the flip top bottles and let ferment again for a couple more days if you want it to be carbonated. If you don't like carbonation then just store directly in the fridge until you're ready to drink.
I store mine in the coat closet. 

Please feel free to add more tips or information in the comment section of this post. Also, I 'd like to hear if anyone else out there has made their own Kombucha and what your experience with it has been.

Get started now and buy your supplies on Amazon. Printable Instructions HERE.
Or if you live in Utah near me in Draper, you can buy a whole Kombucha kit from me.
The kit comes with your starter Scobi, 2 cups Kombucha, sugar, grean tea, gallon size mason jar, and my Guide to Fermented Foods.

print recipe

Save money and make your own Kombucha from home.
  • 3 Quarts Water
  • 1 Cup Sugar (regular granulated sugar works best)
  • 6-8 bags Green tea, (or 2 tablespoons loose tea)
  • 2 Cups Kombucha (from the store, or from your last batch)
  • 1 Scobi
  • 2-3 Cups Pureed Fruit
Note: Avoid prolonged contact between the kombucha and metal both during and after brewing. This can affect the flavor of your kombucha and weaken the scoby over time. Make the tea base: Bring the water to a boil. Remove from heat and stir in the sugar to dissolve. Drop in the tea and allow it to steep until the water has cooled. Depending on the size of your pot, this will take a few hours. Add the starter tea: Once the tea is cool, remove the tea bags or strain out the loose tea. Stir in the starter tea/2 cups Kombucha. (The starter tea makes the liquid acidic, which prevents harmful bacteria from growing in the first few days of fermentation.) Transfer to jars and add the scoby: Pour the mixture into a 1-gallon glass jar and place the scoby into the jar with clean hands. Cover the mouth of the jar with a few layers tightly-woven cloth, coffee filters, or paper towels secured with a rubber band. Ferment for 7 to 10 days: Keep the jar at room temperature, out of direct sunlight, and where it won't get moved or bumped. A new layer of scoby should start forming at the top of the kombucha within a few days. It usually attaches to the old scoby. You may also see brown stringy bits floating beneath the scoby, sediment collecting at the bottom, and bubbles collecting around the scoby. This is all normal and signs of healthy fermentation. After 7 days, begin tasting the kombucha daily by pouring a little out of the jar and into a cup. When it reaches a balance of sweetness and tartness that is pleasant to you, the kombucha is ready to bottle. Remove the scoby: Before proceeding, prepare and cool another pot of strong tea for your next batch of Kombucha. With clean hands, gently lift the scoby out of the kombucha and set it on a clean plate. Bottle the finished kombucha: Measure out your starter tea from this batch of kombucha and set it aside for the next batch. Pour the fermented kombucha (straining, if desired) into bottles using the small funnel, along with any juice, herbs, or fruit you may want to use as flavoring. Leave about a half inch of room in each bottle. Carbonate and refrigerate the finished kombucha: Store the bottled kombucha at room temperature out of direct sunlight and allow 1 to 3 days for the kombucha to carbonate. Refrigerate to stop fermentation and carbonation, and then consume your kombucha within a month. Make a fresh batch of kombucha: Clean the jar being used for kombucha fermentation. Combine the starter tea from your last batch of kombucha with the fresh batch of sugary tea, and pour it into the fermentation jar. Place the scoby on top, cover, and ferment for 7 to 10 days.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 1 Gallon

12 Steps To A Better Day

Did you wake up on the wrong side of the bed today?

Are you feeling overwhelmed, inadequate, left out, frustrated, discouraged or unappreciated?

We all have those days or even months when we're dealing with something upsetting or painful. Whether it be the loss of a loved one, frustration in your relationships, or even just getting your feelings hurt. Maybe it's something someone said or did, or maybe something they DIDN'T say or do. Maybe you're struggling with one of your children. What ever the cause may be, we have the ability to change how we feel. It's just a matter of making the choice. MUCH easier said than done though right? 

I've put together a list of 12 steps that might help ease your pain or at least get you on track to having a better day. 

Repeat the following as long as needed and know that you WILL see better days.

  "What we feed will grow. You have to quit feeding those wrong emotions." 
 -Joel Osteen   

Step 1


Prayer should always be the first thing you do when you need help. God is there for us when ever we need him. All we have to do is ask. 

Step 2


Talking about it with someone you love and trust is very therapeutic. Share your feelings in a non-gossiping way. I always feel better when I can express what I'm feeling as well as get encouragement and advice. My husband has been so great that way. He helps me see things for what they really are... LIFE LESSONS. He helps me figure out what the lesson is and how I can handle it in a mature manner. He's always there to remind me that I'm a great wife, mother and friend, I tend to forget. I'm sure you all have someone like this in your life, whether it be your spouse, a friend, sibling or parent. And if you don't, then give ME a call :). 

Step 3


Go online and start using google. Or search the scriptures for answers you need. Find an article that speaks to you and seems to be just what you need to hear. Read it a few times and really ponder the message. You might have a favorite book or even audio that helps uplift your spirits and gives you those positive affirmations you need. I love Joel Osteen's sermons and all LDS conference talks

Step 4


You know how much I LOVE lists :). Make a list of all the things you're grateful for. Then make a list of all the good things about YOU, remind yourself that you ARE amazing! We seem to forget so easily. I'm getting better with this as I get older and wiser, but I tend to let peoples opinions about me REALLY get to me. 

Step 5


Let go of your pity party. Release those expectations you have of others and think of how YOU can make a difference in someones life. Look around you... is there someone in need? Someone hurting or struggling? If you can't think of anyone then pray that you'll find someone. Bring dinner to a family, or invite them over. Offer to babysit someones kids for the day. Visit the sick or elderly. What are you good at? How can you use your talents to serve others? 

Step 6


Write, write, then write some more. Let it ALL out. Put down your feelings on paper. Don't hold back in any way, then tare it up. You don't want to hold onto anything that may be hurtful for others to read. Wait a day or two THEN try writing down your feelings again, this time in a more positive way. Try to see the lesson and write about what you're learning from this. 

Step 7


Get out and get some fresh air. Go for a bike ride, a run or a hike. Then when you get back make yourself a healthy smoothie or salad. 

You'll be surprised what exercise, nature and good nutrition can do to your mood. If weather is not permitting then you can always do a little yoga. 

Step 8


What talent are you working on improving at the moment? Is it singing, writing, cooking, painting, playing an instrument, photograpny? What ever it is start working on it. Getting your mind off the negative feelings and channeling that energy into something thats helping you become a better you will dramatically change the way you feel. 

Step 9


Turn on some uplifting music and clean the house, organize a closet or your garage. Just get busy and get things done.   

Step 10


Children have a contagious way of making you happy. Just watching how carefree they are, their innocence and love for the world around them. We can definitely learn from these little babies. Enjoy the moment with them. Take it all in. Notice their little smiles and laughter as you play with them. Smell their hair, kiss their cheeks and look into their beautiful eyes. Seriously the best medicine. 

Step 11


The sun always makes me happy. Get outside and sit in the sun for 10-15 minutes. If the sun isn't shining then try sitting in front of a Happy Light

Step 12


Get a manicure or pedicure. Get a massage, get your hair done or go buy yourself a new outfit. Go out to dinner or a movie with some friends. If you don't want to spend any money, then go take a nice long bath with some essential oils, put on some relaxing music, use some deep conditioner on your hair, a mask for your face, then give yourself a mani pedi and finish off the night with a good ol' fashion chick flick.   

 May we all see better days and appreciate our struggles because they mold us into a work of art. 

Redecorating Again

I was looking through some old blog posts and found some pictures of our loft.  I thought it would be fun to share some before and afters again because I recently changed up the decor.

This is what it looked like when we moved in almost 10 years ago.

And this is how I decorated it soon after we moved in. 

 And now this is what it looks like...

This loft is doubling as a bedroom at the moment. Brooklyn likes to sleep close to us. So the pullout couch just pretty much stays pulled out as a bed all the time. 

Here are a few more pics.

Here's the old...

And now the new...

Pioneer Day

  In honor of my moms birthday, July 23rd and Pioneer Day, July 24th (celebrated in Utah), we made these cute and easy to make covered wagons. My mom recently told us about how her mom made these as party favors for one of her birthday parties as a child. So I thought it would be fun to have my kids make some.

What You'll Need

* Large Marshmallows
* Granola Bars
* Pretzel sticks (for the wheels)
* Life Saver Gummies
* Fig Newtons
* Jelly Beans
* White Frosting (to use as glue)

I'm going to assume you can figure out how to assemble just by looking at the picture. 

Write Down Your Prayers

  Writing down your prayers. I never thought of this before. I got the idea from a book I read a while ago.

  I thought this was brilliant! Not only does it get you to THINK more about your prayers, but it helps you remember what you prayed for and in turn will help you recognize when God ANSWERS your prayers. I've been guilty of praying for things, then just going about my day not noticing or even expecting my prayers to be answered. I've been trying harder to NOTICE the many miracles in my everyday. Trying to recognize every blessing and allow God to guide me in doing what HE wants me to do. 
  Affirmations can be considered prayers, but the only difference is with prayers, we are giving God the glory and taking away any assumption that we did it ourselves. Everything good comes from God, even our abilities to overcome and accomplish great things. He's with us every step of the way. 

Loving Your Body After Baby

   Not gonna lie, I've had the hardest time really LOVING my body with the after affects of having babies. I've been using a lot of affirmations this past year and reading them really helps me when I'm feeling down on myself. I'm learning that this is one of Satan's greatest weapons against moms. Instead of rejoicing in the fact that our amazing bodies can create LIFE, we tear ourselves down and set these unrealistic expectations. Why are we women so obsessed with looking perfect?   
  It's funny because not too long ago I thought I had this all figured out. I was in a good place with my body image and I accepted that it wasn't perfect, aging, losing elasticity. I was okay with it. Content and confident. Another reminder that Satan is relentless. Just when you think you have it together, you're reminded that you don't. Like I was saying in my, Let The Scriptures Be Your Guide post, we need constant reminders. It takes daily effort on our part to remain in a good place mentally and spiritually. 

  "Clearly, Satan wants us to see ourselves as the world sees us, not as the Lord sees us, because the world's mirror, like a circus mirror in which a five-foot, ten-inch women appears two feet tall, distorts and minimizes us. Satan tells us we're not good enough. Not smart enough. Not thin enough. Not cute enough. Not clever enough. Not anything enough. And that is a big, fat, devilish lie. He wants us to believe that there is no status or significance in being a mother. That  is a lie~ and an evil lie. He wants us to believe that the influence of women is inherently inferior. And that is a lie. "

  We are amazing! Our bodies our amazing! God allows us to create an entire human being with our very own bodies. We get to carry them inside us for 9 months of their lives. Then we are able to FEED that child! Again, WITH our bodies. How amazing is that! Let's not allow Satan to trick us into thinking that our stretch marks are not beautiful. They are reminders of the priceless gift God offers us. 

  When ever I think of the changes we go through as we age, I think of Gordan B. Hinckley and what he say's about his wife in his book Standing For Something.

  "As I looked at her across the table one evening recently, I noted the wrinkles in her face and hands. But are they less beautiful? NO; in fact, they are more so. Those wrinkles have a beauty of their own, and inherent in their presence is something that speaks reassuringly of strength and integrity, and a love that runs more deeply and quietly than ever before. "

  Lets remember the aging process for what it really is, a sign of wisdom, experience, and strength. Each wrinkle,  each stretch mark tells a beautiful story of a life LIVED! 

Healthy Jello Snack

I recently discovered this amazing little snack that will help improve your skin, hair, nails, digestion, and joints. This homemade jello is made without the artificial colors and flavorings found in the store bought kind. 

Have you ever tried natural grass fed gelatin?

Neither have I until just recently. I never even knew that natural gelatin had so many great health benefits. 

"Gelatin is the purified protein derived by the selective hydrolysis of collagen from the skin, the connective tissue and/or bones of animals. Great Lakes Gelatin provides you with the highest types of pure unflavored edible gelatin. It is available in type A (porcine), or type B (bovine or bone)."
You can find this on Amazon, that's pretty much where I buy everything these days. Amazon prime baby, it's the way to go. 

So the way I prepared this was simply mixed up 3 1/2 cups of the Isagenix hibiscus Want More Energy/Replenish drink (I would recommend 5 scoops of the powder). 

Or you can use 100% fruit juice. In a separate  bowl, pour 1/2 cup of the juice or WME drink in and mix with 2 T of the gelatin (needs to soak for a few minutes). Then pour 1/2 cup of boiling water into the gelatin/juice mixture. Stir until desolves then add the rest of the juice/WME. After its all mixed together then pour into a greased or lined pan and let chill in the fridge for a couple hours. 

After mine was done I cut into squares and placed in tupperware for a quick snack.

 I like to top mine with non dairy coconut whip cream and fresh blueberries. So yummy!!!

Coconut Whipped Cream
Just whip up a can of coconut milk that has been chilled for a few hours, 

I like to make big batches at a time so I usually use 3 cans. Separate the thick cream from the runny watery part. Use the watery part for smoothies, and save the thick part for your whipped Cream.  Use an electric beater and whip the cream with a little bit of honey and vanilla extract. I usually always have some ready made in my fridge cause I LOVE this stuff on everything. Pancakes, fruit, smoothies, yum!!!
So now tell me, what are your thoughts? Have any of you made homemade gummies with this stuff? That's next on my list. Leave a comment below if you have any tips or tricks to add? I love to hear what other people are doing, especially when it comes to improving the skin. 

I just made another batch of jello using 100% grape juice and I added another tablespoon of the gelatin. I have to say that I really liked the texture better. Much more dense. 

Let The Scriptures Be Your Guide

Continuing my thoughts from my last post.
  As I was saying, I prayed for motivation to do something that would get me excited. I needed guidance, a project, SOMETHING. God led me straight to the scriptures. Which is what inspired me to blog again. I want to share the things I'm learning. 
   For those of you who don't know, I am LDS (Mormon). I'm a Christian. I believe in the Bible and The Book of Mormon (another testament of Jesus Christ). I've read the scriptures here and there but I admit, I'm not too familiar with them. I usually make a goal to read them daily but would quickly lose motivation to be consistent. Because of the somewhat hard to understand scripture language I found myself dozing off or easily distracted. I had a really hard time focusing on what I was reading. 
   This is the first time in my life that I'm actually understanding and enjoying the scriptures. Two reasons, one is because I have the desire to learn more. And two, because I've been using some great study guides that are helping me tremendously. 

I am really loving this one. Shannon Foster is also known as The Red Headed Hostess (that's the name of her blog). She has so many great resources, some are downloads she sells directly on her site and others you can find on Amazon. That's where I found this doodle book. 

The next resource is this book👇. 

I REALLY love this book! Basically it's the Book of Mormon with commentary. It has been extremely helpful in helping me understand. 
  Right now I'm reading the words of Isaiah (also found in the Bible), which are known to be some of the most difficult scriptures to understand. Isaiah has a very poetic way of teaching which is beautiful but not always easy to follow. 
  "We need to develop the ability to see applications in the scriptures which would parallel conditions or situations in our own lives. Then the scriptures come to life." -David J. Ridges
  This is such a fun thing to do! Sometimes it seems so hard to relate to those ancient times, but if we really TRY, we will start to see how every scripture can apply to our lives in some way. 
  Isaiah talks about the scriptures being our guide and how we don't have to be lost or depressed, wondering what our purpose is. The scriptures gives us the answers, inspiration, motivation and guidance. They truly lift us up and keep us going with goals and purposes in our every day.
  I'm seeing the scriptures in a whole new light, a way I have never experienced, not even on my mission. It's so fun to be able to learn and understand new things each day!!!
  Another thing I'm noticing about  Isaiah's way of teaching is that he's also very repetative. It might seem annoying to some people but I think for this reason he was so inspired. God knows that the natural man easily forgets or can be "hard heads". That's why it's important that we study DAILY, and attend church regularly. We need constant reminders.
  When we "liken" this unto our parenting, it might help us be a little more patient with our own children. We are constantly repeating ourselves, "put your shoes away!", "clean up your mess", ect. No need to get irritated by this. They are normal human beings, they FORGET.  It's our job as parents to remind (repeat ourselves), over and over and over and over again. We should be grateful for every teaching opportunity even if we've said it a MILLION times before. 

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