We are faced with choices almost constantly. From what we eat for breakfast to how we spend our time each day. I believe the most important choice we can make is how we choose to react in the circumstances we are dealt, whether good or bad. Because even the bad can be good. Things will go wrong in life, but we have to learn to respond positively and look for the good in every situation. 

I look back on the choices I made even way back in highschool and can still see how they have affected my life today. One bad choice can create a negative snowball effect. I've learned after many years of trial and error, we DO choose our lives. We can't sit around in our pity parties. We CAN change our situation. Sometimes it's just a matter of changing our attitudes, or choosing to do something about it.

Are you happy with your life? 

We truly create our own realities. We have the ability to change things. Make our lives better. We CHOOSE it. This is something I didn't really believe for a long time. I thought that things were happening TO me, and that I had no control over my happiness. Little did I know I could make my life anything I wanted it to be. We can't change people unfortunately :), but we can choose not to allow them to steal our joy.

As many of you may know, I am a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. I grew up in the church but of course there always comes a time when you have to ask yourself, Do I really believe what I've been taught? I think deep down I always believed, but I turned away from it for a few years. Probably because I felt guilty about the choices I was making. The further I was from the church the less guilty I felt. But also the more unhappy I became. My life wasn't turning out the way I had always hoped it would.

I had dreams of marrying a trustworthy guy. Someone who loved and served God. I envisioned raising a family and teaching them good values. I wanted SUCCESS. Financial success. Success in marriage, in child rearing, in becoming who I was destined to be. I didn't want to settle for mediocrity. I remember feeling like all was lost and that my life was just going to continue down this road and my dreams would never become a reality. After many years of not speaking to God I decided to simply ask him to help me. I was afraid to ask him for anything because I didn't feel worthy. When I finally began praying to him again I felt his love and forgiveness. He made me realize the most amazing thing... I had the CHOICE! I could choose any kind of life I wanted.

As soon as I believed this, I knew that I needed to make some changes, starting with the relationship I was in. I knew it wasn't right for me so I ended it. Then took the long hard road to a better life. Because even though we have the choice, it's not always easy. Anything of value comes with a price. I knew that I needed to BECOME the kind of person I wanted to marry. So I spent a few years working on being that person. I always wanted to marry a returned missionary, so what did I do? I became a returned missionary :).

Serving my mission in Germany was probably the best choice I ever made, besides choosing to marry my husband of course. So what I'm trying to say here is, I learned that my choices were what created my life now. I don't believe in luck. I believe that making good choices, allows Gods hand into our lives. He allows us to learn from the choices we make, but promises happiness from making GOOD ones.

Top 5 Healthy Weight Loss Tips

Losing weight…

It’s definitely the most popular trend these days. Over the years I’ve learned that losing weight isn’t everything, but being HEALTHY is. Once I stopped worrying so much about my weight and more about my health, the pounds started melting away.

Being healthy= beautiful, gorgeous, vibrant, happy, energetic!!!

I’ve got some tips to share with you today. Tips that will help you focus more on being healthy. I’m not going to teach you how to to count calories, cut carbs, exercise like a maniac, hang pictures of skinny super models to motivate you. It’s about providing your body with an abundance of nutrition, getting plenty of sleep, exercising 15 minutes a day (yes I said 15 minutes, that’s all it takes), looking in the mirror and loving YOUR body just the way it is.

First and foremost. You’re not going to get anywhere on less sleep. You may think that waking up earlier and staying up later will provide more time to get things done, but you won’t be doing your body any favors. I’m learning this. Us moms could ALWAYS use more time in the day right? Often times we try to fit it ALL in each day. We get up before the kids, and stay up way after they fall asleep. But we all know how this makes us feel. TIRED. ALL. THE. TIME. So the solution is to take a few things off your to-do list in exchange for a little more sleep. This will have huge benefits in all aspects of your life.

I’m talking about your exercise routine. How many of you think that in order to see results you have to kill yourself at the gym for at least an hour each day? I’ve recently been introduced to a new way of thinking when it comes to working out. Pete Cerque, the author of the new book called The High Intensity Fitness Revolution has taught me that shorter more intense work outs are WAY more effective. In this book he explains the science behind it along with step by step pictures of how to do his work out program in 15 minutes or less. It all makes complete sense to me. Back when I was in my early 20′s I used to work out like a maniac, even trained and ran a marathon. I was heavier and thicker than ever before. I’m not just talking about muscle. I was definitely flabby and this was even BEFORE having kids.

I LOVE the idea of shorter work outs. It’s hard as moms to find the time to sneak away to the gym, or to even work out at home. I’ve tried getting on my treadmill regularly but rarely do I finish without an interruption or two. The kids are fighting, need me to help them with something, want a snack, a drink, a toy. It’s always something. I’m sure all you moms can appreciate the “less is more” concept. We want results, but the reality is we only have 15 minutes. Also, I’ve actually been doing the work outs WITH the kids and they are loving it. It’s become a family affair. So here’s your challenge:
TRY this work out program, the book is less than $10 on amazon. What do you have to lose? You’ve got your baby weight to lose that’s what. Don’t we all :).

Cleansing the body is a MUST! Imagine never changing the oil in your car for 30 years. That’s pretty much what it’s like when you don’t cleanse the body regularly (about every 3-6 months is recommended). Our food isn’t what it once was, neither is the air we breath or the water we drink. Unfortunately times have changed over the last 100 years. Obesity rates are staggering and serious health conditions continue to rise.

The purpose of cleansing:
To dissolve and eliminate toxins and congestion that have formed inside your body.
To cleanse the kidneys and the digestive system.
To purify the glands and cells throughout the entire body.
To build a healthy blood stream.
To keep youth and skin elasticity regardless of our years.
To lose excess weight.
To increase energy, and mental clarity.

Get weight loss and cleansing off to a fast start with 30 Nutritional Cleansing Fat Burning System that I use.

* The five nutritional components of the system help you cleanse while infusing your body with premium nutrients for optimum health and safe weight loss. Stimulant free.

One thing you might like to know about this system, is that it comes with FREE coaching. Guess who will be your personal cleansing coach and cheerleader???? Yours truly :). I get so excited about this program because I’ve seen hundreds of amazing stories. I was personally able to lose 25 lbs and go from a size 10 to a 5 (these pics we before I had kids) and keep it off for 12 years now. I’ve even had FOUR kids since then. I never thought in a million years I’d be a size 5 after having 4 kids. It’s been a dream come true for me. Check out our Financial Success Story.

Catch our Periscope replay from today while it's still available. My husband and I talk all about WHY DIETS DON'T WORK. (Look me up under "Wannabe Balanced Mom" on Periscope)

No I’m not talking about alcohol. I’m talking about water of course. Duh, we all know this right? water is essential to better health. Try drinking warm lemon water first thing in the mornings.
Water is not the only thing you should drink. . Drink 2 oz. of cleanse juice every day. Drink green tea. Drink the Isalean protein shakes. Drink my healthy energy/weight loss drink.

First add the water (8 oz.) double or triple the recipe if you want to store it in the fridge to have it on hand. Drink 16 oz. at least twice a day.
8 oz. of freshly brewed green tea (try the berry flavored kind for more flavor) Green tea is full of antioxidants, helps burn fat, improves heart health, and increases energy.
1 scoop of Cleanse For Life powder or 2 oz. of liquid Cleanse For Life. Everyday we’re exposed to hundreds of toxins–from the food we eat, to the air we breathe, to the water we drink, to the items we touch. Without proper cleansing of impurities, the body struggles to maintain good health. Cleanse for Life helps give your body the nutrition it needs to cleanse itself naturally, and unlike other “cleanses,” laxatives or diuretics that can deplete your body, Cleanse for Life nourishes and feeds your whole body with vitamins, minerals, antioxidants and botanicalsDeep and daily cleansing with either our powder or liquid forms of Cleanse for Life, supports your mental and physical performance, resistance to stress and digestive health. It can also help protect your body from the cumulative damage of environmental toxins and oxidative stress and encourages safe and effective weight loss by gently removing impurities.
2 scoops Replenish powderWant more energy is a refreshing drink powder containing Vitamins A, C and B complex, electrolytes and nutrients that are lost during stress and exercise.
Lemon juice, squeeze one full lemon. Lemon juice promotes healthy digestion, and weight loss.
2 Tablespoons of Chia seeds. Because of the unique gelling action of the chia seeds, they will keep you feeling full for hours. They also help balance blood sugar levels, adds healthy omega 3 to your diet, and will keep you feeling energized all day because of it's complete protein. It also has antioxidants and will help cut the food cravings.
Sliced Cucumbers (about 5 or 6 slices). Cucumbers are a great source of vitamin C and also help improve the health of your skin.
Fresh Mint leaves. For added flavor.

Drink green smoothies. I use to juice almost EVERY day for about a year. I'm so over it now though, WAY too much work. I need something quicker so I've moved to green smoothies. Not AS good as juicing, but still better than nothing. In my smoothies I like to use all kinds of ingredients. Kefir, Kale, ginger, spinach, parsley, pineapple, cucumber, kiwi, strawberries, banana, and squeeze some lemon juice in there. I just throw in what ever I have.

I’ve found it to be much easier to eat healthy when I plan out my week. Plan out your meals, buy a bunch of fresh produce and spend a day preparing what you can. Chop up the carrots, celery, apples, ect. Put them in separate baggies so they are ready to go. I also like to prepare a few salads for the week. Of course don’t add the dressing or cheese until just before you’re ready to eat it. This will keep the lettuce nice and crisp for you. I actually have a Meal Plan available on Amazon  for anyone who would like to know exactly what I eat and how I do my weekly meal prep.

And most importantly, don't forget to LOVE YOUR BODY!!!
Look in the mirror every day and tell yourself you are one sexy chick! Love your shape, love your curves, love your saggy stretched out skin your sweet babies gave you. We wouldn’t change it for the world right. Be grateful for your HEALTH.
People are always asking me what my secret to staying thin is. So there ya have it. My 5 secrets to a healthy body. Now I want to know YOUR secrets.

Here are my most recent weight loss pics, after baby number 4!

Molluscum And Baby Acne Cure

I wanted to quickly share a few tricks I've learned about baby skin over the years.

Have any of you experienced Molluscum with your kids? 

Well I have with EVERY single one of my kids. it's the worst!!!

"Molluscum contagiosum is a skin infection that causes small pearly or flesh-colored bumps. The bumps may be clear, and the center often is indented. The infection is caused by a virus. The virus is easily spread but is not harmful."

At Owen's last check up, the doctor recommended wheatgrass spray. I was sceptacle because we've tried so many other natural remedies. But I thought I might as well give it a try. 

Wish I would have known about this product when my other kids had this. It can take up to 2 years for the bumps to go away. Most doctors and web information would say that there's nothing much you can do about it. Just have to wait it out. So that's what we did with my other 3 kids. We waited and waited, and watched them spread little by little feeling completely helpless. 

So we gave the wheat grass spray a try. Applied generously twice a day and after about 4-5 weeks they were gone. As you can imagine we were thrilled!

Baby Acne

The next tip is for baby acne. I remember when Lily and Olly had this at about 6 weeks old. At that time I didn't think there was anything I could do for it. So with Brooklyn I guess I took a little more proactive approach. I researched it online and found some natural gentle home remedies for it. I gave it a try and sure enough, her baby acne was gone in 2 days!!!

So first you create a paste with the baking soda. Pour a little in a bowl or your hand, then add a little water until you get a paste consistency. Apply it to the affected areas. Leave it on for a few minutes then rinse. After you've dried the area then apply a tiny bit of coconut oil to rehydrate the skin, as the baking soda can be a bit drying. 

There ya go, my tips on baby skin. Please share with all your mommy friends with newborns. Sure wish someone would have told me about these 10 years ago. 

Stylish Amazon Finds

You guys, I'm obsessed with Amazon. I love how much time it saves me by not having to run around town shopping for different items. I buy pretty much everything on Amazon now thanks to the Amazon Prime free shipping membership program. So I wanted to quickly show you a few of my favorite finds on Amazon!

First and foremost, I must tell you that I kinda have an addiction to all things blue or mint lately. 

I got these Material Girl Swan mint flat sandals for $45. I got the sunglasses and purse at Charming Charlie, but I found a cute mint purse on Amazon too.

Now for one of my favorite swim suits! Super slimming and modest too! 

Comes in blue or black too.

P.S. Are you on Periscope yet? If not, then you're seriously missing out. I'm loving this video platform. Such a fun way to connect with others. Find me @CrystalEscobar

Raw Gluten Free Pie Crust

Over the past couple of years I've been trying out new gluten free and raw recipes. This pie crust is one of my faves. Eating raw is way more abundant in nutrition so that's why I've been trying to encorporate more raw foods into my diet. When you cook your food, you're compromising the natural occurring enzymes and vitamins. A few months ago I invested in a food dehydrator and I'm so glad I did. There are so many fun things you can make in a dehydrator. Fruit leathers, crackers, chips, cookies, and so much more. 
When you use a food dehydrator in place of an oven, you are preserving most of the nutrition in your food because of the minimally elevated temperature over a long period of time. It's ideal for maximum retention of nutrients.

"Compared to canning and freezing, dehydration comes out on top in regard to the conservation of nutrients. The United States Department of Agriculture indicates that on average 40% to 60% of nutrients are lost when food is frozen for storage, while canning can result in a whopping 60% to 80% loss. Home food dehydration, however, produces only an average nutrient loss of 3% to 5%!"
~The Ultimate Dehydrator Cookbook

Now let me share this amazing versatile raw pie crust recipe with you.

Step 1. Place buckwheat flour (you can buy the buckwheat groats and blend yourself to make the flour, or you can buy it already blended into flour), macadamia, almond meal, coconut, 1/4 cup organic 100% maple syrup, pitted dates (soaked), vanilla stevia, salt and cinnamon in a food processor (I use the Vitamix) until smooth.

Step 2. Line pan with parchment paper, place batter in pan and press.

Step 3. Place pan in food dehydrator at 145 degrees for 2 hours. If you don't have a food dehydrator then you can simply bake in the oven at the lowest heat for 30-40 min.

It's so fun to get creative with the toppings. My favorite is chocolate hazelnut butter with fresh strawberries and coconut whip cream.

print recipe

Raw Gluten Free Pie Crust
Let me show you how to make this amazing raw gluten free pie crust.
1. Place buckwheat flour, macadamia, almond meal, coconut, 1/4 cup maple syrup, dates, vanilla stevia, salt, and cinnamon in a food processor until smooth.
2. Line pan with parchment paper, place batter in pan and press. 
3. Place pan in food dehydrator at 145 degrees for 2 hours.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 9

For more of my gluten free recipes you can purchase my Meal Plan book now on Amazon!

Giveaway~ Gel Nail Kit!

Hello all my fabulous and beautiful friends!!! Have you experienced the gel nails yet? Most people go to the salon to get this done, but can you believe you can have this amazing look without the salon? I've been doing my own gel nails for a few years now and it's great! I have two of these kits because most of you know that I have two homes, one in Southern Utah and the other in Northern Utah. Anyway, since we have two homes, I usually buy TWO of everything. I didn't end up using this gel nail kit as much as I thought I would because it does take about 20 minutes to do the process. The nice thing about gel nails is that they last longer and don't chip. I spent well over $150 on it all.

Sooooo, I've decided to give a kit away to one of you lucky ladies. Do one or ALL of the options below. You get a point for each task you fulfill. 

~Follow me on Instagram @CrystalEscobar2 (or search Wannabe Balanced Mom and you'll find me)
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~Share this blog post on Facebook (be sure to tag me in the post so I know)
~Repost any one of my Instagram pics and tag me in it.

I'll announce the winner a week from today. 

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