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Long thick hair, something I've always wanted but unfortunately was not blessed with. I have to go to extreme measures to get that kind of hair. I try to go for the natural look, like for example, I don't color my hair at all, it's totally natural, lol. Yeah, in my dreams :) There is so much that goes into being blonde, and trust me, I've tried to go back to my natural color, and even colored my hair dark brown. It was not a pretty sight, in my opinion. I just felt so drab. I love being blonde, but do hate the maintenance that comes along with it. I like it really light, and of course, the lighter you go, the more your roots stand out, so I usually end up wearing hats every day the last couple of weeks before I get my hair done again (those headbands I mentioned before are great for covering up dark roots). So first you have the hideous roots, then of course you have to deal with the constant breakage and flyaways. So, as my hair gets lighter and lighter, it also gets thinner and thinner. It's a lose lose in my opinion. I hate my natural color, but I hate the damage bleach brings to my hair. One of these days I'm just going to shave off my hair like Brittany Spears, and just wear wigs. I would be so excited if this became a trend. Think about it, you could have any hair color or style you want in minutes. It would be awesome! What do you say we all do this together, and start the trend ourselves :)
So, anyway, I've been in a constant search for ways I can stay blonde, but still have thick healthy hair. It's been tough, but I've come up with a few solutions, and would like to share with you what I've learned over the years.

Extentions are always good :) but can also be VERY expensive, so I figured out how to apply them myself. Here is a step by step guide to adding a few extra strands. Although, I wouldn't exactly recommend doing this all over your head. A little bit of your own hair comes out along with each piece, as they tend to slide out after a couple of months.

I bought this little kit on this website, but have found that you can get everything cheaper on ebay. Search for Micro Ring Link Hair Extensions Pliers Needle Tools Set, then you'll need to search for microlinks, then of course, the hair. And you DO want to use real human hair, and not synthetic hair. I've ordered from so many different vendors and have decided that the quality of hair you recieve is all luck. Sometimes you get a good batch, and sometimes you get a bad one. But really, you can find it so cheap on ebay, so it's not that big of a deal if the hair only lasts a couple of months. If you're lucky and get a good batch, the hair can last up to a year or longer.
First, you put the bead onto the needle
Then hook it onto a little strand of hair, close the latch on the needle, then slide the bead over and onto the hair.
The hair is hooked in the needle, so the strand of hair should slide right out.
Then you put the shoelace tip into the bead (search for prebonded extensions on ebay when purchasing the hair).
Then just clamp the bead, and you're done. You'll of course need to have a hair dresser cut the extensions to blend them, or you can attempt to do it yourself :)

Another option are the clip ins. These are great, but very uncomfortable, so usually when I wear them, I can't wait to get them out. Looks great though, and does NO damage to the hair.

Here is a picture of my hair with all the clips in. They come in all different sizes, so you can put the bigger pieces in the back, and the smaller ones in front.

Another option for extensions is getting a whole weft sewn into your hair. I think this is actually THE best way to go. I've had them before and loved them. Two of my friends do this kind, and do such a great job at a very affordable rate. Rachelle is one, and Ashlie is the other. You can find them both on facebook (just click on their names).

This is the best stuff for flyaways

Pureology Super Smooth Smoothing Elixir 2oz

Only $14 on this website

I'm trying this new stuff right now called Ovation Hair. It's supposed to make your hair grow longer and thicker. So, I'll keep you posted on weather or not it's worth your money :) I just started it this week, so we'll see. One thing I learned from their website, is that it's good to wrap your head with a silky scarf at night. This helps protect your hair and keeps it shiny and hydrated.

I lost a lot of hair after giving birth (which is very common after delivery), and a friend of mine told me that taking silica in liquid form really helps stimulate hair growth. I've been taking this Bone Formula (it's not liquid, but I think it's been helping)

My hair dresser is the best! So, if you think you need a new hair stylist, then call her for sure. She does an amazing job with my hair. She can also make you a set of clip in extensions if you ever want them.

Jolynn (801)856-8682

If you have any other tips, advice, or product reviews to add to this post, please leave me a comment. I'm always looking for more information and great new products to try :)


Lindsey said...

Very Cool, Thanks for sharing!

My Personal Journey said...

Crystal your hair is so beautiful! Please do keep us posted on the hair thickening shampoo, I am very interested in this since I lost so much of mine to chemo (uptop) the rest grew in fine, but I would still love to have it much thicker. Hugs sweet girl,

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Crystal you do what ever you want to make you feel more beautiful! You are already gorgeous and have the personality to match, so whatever you do extra is just that extra. No shame in that.

The bald look, oh no sister, NOT all of us have a cute head like Britney's to pull off that look = P
Or am I just speaking about my fat head??

I use to frequent a salon to spend two hours getting my mane done in LA but now I give myself arm cramps straightening myself. I could go all natural, but I DO NOT like the way I feel or look with an afro. The point being, we all do things as women and do extras to feel good and their can't be any harm in that if it's not obsessive.

Hair extensions works out your arms. Pretty hair and sculpted arms, sounds like a win win situation to me = )


Kristin said...

With thick hair comes the trouble of trying to tame it. It constantly plagues me. Sigh.

Mills Family said...

woo hoo!!
Thank you so much for this post.. I love everything about me but my hair.. ugh..I feel like I can finally grow it out now and past the shoulders..:0)

Your the best!! and ps.. blondes have more fun :0) hehehe
and I have always loved your hair...

Verena said...

Wow, your hair looks really beautiful!!! Thanks for sharing.
I just decided last year to cut my long hair short. :o) Now that I see your beautiful long hair I´m thinking about letting it grow long again.
Hug´s, Verena

JustMEtheMOM said...

All of the above sound great - I wasn't blessed with wonderful hair either. Always wishing it was more curly, more straight, less fine, more volume - finally found something that works for me after like 40 years :) Thank goodness!


Hilary Herrera said...

Crystal, your blog is So fun. Joico makes an amazing product that truly restores hair. any of their "K Pack" products do wonders. You can use them for a deep condition and I love using their shampoo and conditioner. You can get it at Peerless Beauty Supply. It is a professional product so the price might reflect that unless you find it on sale! Ok, keep doing your cute fun things! ~Hilary

Crystal Escobar said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crystal Escobar said...

Thanks everyone for your awesome comments, and thank you Hilary for the product advice. I will definitely be trying that one :)
May I totally agree, I love doing things for beauty here and there, but I know it's not healthy to become obsessive about it.
Kristin, what is your secret? Tell us
Cheri, I will for sure keep you posted :)

Anonymous said...

You are AMAZING girl!! Im always amazed at the fact that you do your own extensions!! Thanks for the info....LOVE your blog!!

Kris Lorange said...

OOPS!! That was anonymous! Didnt mean it to be!

Addison AND Crews Mama said...

Thanks Crystal!! :)
I actually need to get my hair done soon so I may just call her ;)

Sonya said...

My hair has become thinner and oh my gosh I have greys all over..Im only 35! I just love your hair..very beautiful:)

Daisygirl said...

Thanks for directing me to this post of yours Crystal, I wrote down the hair care products you listed and I'll let you know how it goes!


Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Your hair looks so gorgeous I want my blonde hair to look like that! I have a very hard time getting my hair to look shiny...When I add any shine serums, I can only put it on the very ends or my hair looks greasy. yuck. I just wish my hair would be thick and lustrous looking like Jessica Simpson!!!! Without having to hang out with a hairstylist everyday!

Leslie said...

LOVE LOVE your blog Crystal!!!I loved reading this post and actually I get extensions in next Friday!!!! I am soooooo excited!!! I have had them in twice before. My hair is very short! I love them! I liked just reading about what all you had to say about them. Putting them in yourself looks brain damage to me!! LOL looks complicated!! LOL knowing me I would mess it up!!! LOL I am getting the woven ones in, I have had those in YEARS ago and the glued ones and hated those!! I too hate my natural hair color, brown! it's a ugly brown and I hate how dark the regrowth is!!!! I have tried so many shades of brown and blonde! I will always be a blonde I think!! :) We have sooo much in common I am thrilled to have found you!!!! :) :) I love how your hair looked in that picture from behind!!! great job!!!! it did look thick! another thing I sooo lack!! :(

aladdinsane12 said...

Great tips! I have thin, flat hair, so all of these will definitely come in handy! The clip-ins look so natural, too- I was surprised!

Happy SITS Saturday Sharefest!

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