We enjoyed a nice time up at our cabin. We went sledding almost every day. Lily absolutely loved it! This was also a great way to get a work out in while spending some time with my family. Going up that hill each time was exhausting, but was great cardio for the day.

This headband is my new favorite accessory. I have one in almost every color.
If you live in Utah then I know you can find these in almost any boutique, and also at the Fashion Place mall. I did find a website for them, and it looks like they are even a little cheaper than what I got them for. So I would recommend just getting them off this website.


Taryn said...

I have the same headband in black and hot pink! I love it!!! Isn't it the best. Looks like a fun trip to the cabin.

Mills Family said...

Super cute head band!!!!! Nothing ever stays on my head because of my thin hair..ugh!!! you should do a topic on how to apply extensions yourself to add thickness to your hair..:0)


Iva said...

your family is so super adorable!!

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