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March Challenge 

I really NEED this months challenge. My house is quickly becoming a cluttered disaster that is completely stressing me out. So I’m excited to be setting aside this month to get my family, house, and mind back in order. I’m going to walk you through the details of each week and steps I’m planning to take.  


Week 1

Organize your family: What I mean by this is to focus on routines, schedules, chore charts, ect. I usually start the school year off with a bang, got my charts and schedules ready for an easy transition into new bedtime routines, homework, chores, and meals. Somewhere a long the line those charts go out the window. So this week I’d like to set aside some time to really analyze what my family needs. Are we too busy? Too much friend time and not enough family time? Is homework getting done at a reasonable hour? Are we rushing in the mornings? Are my kids eating healthy snacks and meals? Am I getting enough one on one time with each child? Are they doing their reading? Are they cleaning up their messes and doing regular chores? I want to create the peaceful flow we so desperately need within our home. I want to start the week off with a lesson on responsibility and how each member of the family has responsibilities to help out around the house. When ever I’m feeling overwhelmed with chaos in the home it’s because I’ve failed to keep my children on track and give them those constant reminders and teach them that moms aren’t supposed to do EVERYTHING. We all need to work together. So I plan to delegate more, TEACH more, and be consistent with reminders. We all know that kids forget so quickly. We can’t expect them to stay on a routine and schedule without our daily PATIENT reminders. I have to emphasize “patience”  because I know from experience that I am easily annoyed when I have to constantly remind my kids to do things. What I need to remember is that it’s not just our kids. We are the same way in our own lives. The natural man easily forgets. Thats why it's important that we incorporate positive affirmations and scripture study DAILY. We NEED constant reminders.
 It's our job as parents to remind (repeat ourselves), over and over and over and over again. We should be grateful for every teaching opportunity even if we've said it a MILLION times before.
I want to also focus on a lot of TEACHING them how to clean up and keep things organized. Instead of trying to do it all myself, I’m going to work by their side and teach them how to keep a house tidy and organized, and emphasize the value of meaningful work and that work can actually be fun.

Week 2 

Organize Your Home: Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Make a goal to organize one space a day this week. Even if it’s just a cabinet or drawer. Choose 6 spaces you’re going to tackle, then give yourself a day off on Sunday. Go to the container store and stock up on organizational paraphernalia. Oh how I love me some bins and labels. I may have a slight addiction here, considering checking myself into a recovery program or requesting an intervention.


Organize Your Mind: This is a tricky one. I find it incredibly difficult to organize my mind. There are so many things going on up there and sometimes it paralyzes me to the point that I don’t even know WHAT to do. I’m always adding to my mental “to do” list and can’t seem to shut it down sometimes. This is when I know I’m in desperate need of some quiet meditation. I need to wake up early before the kids and just SIT in the peacefulness of the morning. I need to allow my mind to go blank and remain open to receive direction from God. As I do this I have a pen and paper handy so that I can then write my thoughts. This is one way I’ve learned to remedy the feeling of “mind overload”. It’s as if you are literally removing the chaos in your mind and putting it on paper with the intension to simplify. 
Week 4

Organize Your Garage and Car: Yikes! Are you sure you want to participate in this challenge? If your garage is anything like mine then you might be a little scared to commit to this one. Mine definitely needs some work. This week I want to do my best to organize my garage, car, and even my yard. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself, but I’d like to get a few seeds planted in my garden too. Is this possible? We shall see.

Let’s be supportive!

I hope you will all join the Wannabe Balanced Facebook group and participate by posting pics, inspirational thoughts, tips and advice. Use the hashtag #WannabeOrganized if you plan to post pics on your FB wall or on Instagram. This way we can find each other and offer support there as well. Also, don’t hesitate to do some Periscope videos, I know I will be. It’s so much fun to connect with each other via live video streaming. Let’s get all your friends organized as well so share this post on Facebook and let the craziness begin!!!!!

Free Meal Plans

While I'm in the process of creating the meal plans I was telling you about, I highly recommend you use my little guide to help get you started with a healthier lifestyle. In this 25 page booklet I explain the incredible benefits of cultured foods, sprouting, and cleansing. Also I've included step by step instructions and recipes. The meal plan I'm creating will have lots of cultured foods and sprouts, so learn how to make them now in order to fully benefit from my meal plan. I'm only charging $3 for this digital manual, but the meal plans will be FREE exclusive to people on my email list (sign up below).  You can simply print it off, or just keep it on your desktop for easy reference. Please share this with your friends. I would sure love you for it!


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Best Meal Replacement Shake

Today I want to explain just how amazing the IsaLean Protein shakes are and how they compare to all others on the market. I've recently created a meal plan and one of the main and most important meals in this plan are these amazing super food shakes.

I get a lot of emails from people asking me about my weight loss and what I eat on a regular basis. Read my full story HERE. I gained almost 50 lbs with each one of my pregnancies and have been able to lose it all every time, thanks to my healthy lifestyle that includes, cleansing and the daily consumption of perfectly balanced meals in shake form. I have been drinking these delicious shakes for over 11 years now and believe me when I say that these shakes are the #1 most important piece to my weight loss success. Of course I believe that cleansing is also very important, but I'm most passionate about daily nutrition and how that can affect the body and your weight. Also, the shakes are a great option for nursing mamas because cleansing is not advised while nursing or pregnant.

Most of us are busy moms and finding time to create healthy nutritious meals each day is extremely tough. That's why I love that I can replace at least one meal a day with these no brainer meals. One less thing to worry about right? I don't believe in fast food, but this is the only exception. With only 240 calories, it’s the perfect nutrient-dense food.

Now I'm fully aware that Shakeology and Isagenix are going head to head in competition as far as the amount of consumers go. So let me break down the difference between these two shakes. It's important that you do your research and look into the ingredient sources.

Is Shakeology a good shake? Yes. Does it beat the IsaLean? No! Here’s why- 


"The whey protein isolate in Shakeology shakes is denatured!
Unfortunately, nearly every single whey protein supplement out there is denatured. Fortunately, Isagenix isn't one of them, which I'll explain in a second.
When talking about whey protein and how it's processed or created, not all processes and whey proteins are created equally. Whey is the byproduct of cheese making. Most companies use salts, enzymes, acids or heat to separate out the curds from the whey and casein. These 4 processes absolutely change whey and casein. This type is called "denatured" meaning the proteins are altered through chemical or physical means so that some of its original properties are lost or diminished.
There’s another way in which the curds and whey and casein can be separated. It’s a patented, exclusive process called cold, ion exchange micro-filtration. This process does not use the above-mentioned 4 processes. This process is how our Isagenix undenatured whey protein concentrate, milk protein concentrate and low-heat non-fat dry milk is created. This process is incredibly expensive but protects the whey in its natural God-given state, protecting all the dipeptides and tripeptides, yielding an amazing amino acid profile too.
These undenatured proteins are then cold air dried in a huge spray-drying drum, using no heat and then the proteins are carefully sealed in crates. Our whey comes from New Zealand, free-range cows that are grass fed (free from herbicides, pesticides etc.), milked and rested according to season and free of hormones, antibiotics and steroids. These are happy cows. This whey is exclusive to Isagenix!" 
source~ Shakeyourwaytosuccess


"Not only is IsaLean and Greens more affordable but each serving yields 24 grams of undenatured protein vs. Shakeology’s 17 grams of denatured protein. With Isagenix, you’re getting better quality period. "
Source~ Shakeyourwaytosuccess

Below is a short testimonial and before and after picture I thought was a perfect example of how quality can really make a difference in results. I found this information on Trueglutenfree.com

What makes IsaLean Shake superior?

IsaLean is a full meal replacement—not a “snack,” providing optimal support for nutritional cleansing and replenishing, weight loss and weight maintenance, as well as peak performance. While low in saturated
fat, sodium and cholesterol, IsaLean® Shake provides the right balance of protein, carbohydrates, healthy poly- and mono-unsaturated fats, dietary fiber, 
vitamins and minerals (including calcium, vitamin C, vitamin B12, and vitamin D). Plus, you get active digestive enzymes that help maximize absorption of key nutrients. Many products touted as “meal replacements” don’t deliver adequate nutrition to do the job of replacing a meal. Plus, most don’t have the right amount of protein to prevent the muscle
loss that often accompanies weight loss. IsaLean Shakes need only to be blended with water for a satisfying meal replacement while many others require being mixed with milk in order to even come close to being a proper meal replacement. 

  • Love the IsaLean® Shakes; they’re a delicious, whole meal replacement. Perfect protein/carb balance with the clean, undenatured protein with all enzymes/amino acids. I don’t go a day without it. My daughter has it every day. I feel healthier and less cravings than ever on my shakes.
    - Mitja K., Washington
  • My children know this is how we start our day every day so they get up and make their own shakes. It helps us to establish our morning routine and stay focused.
    - Rebecca F., Texas
  • IsaLean® Shakes give me energy and my body feels balanced. I love it for dinner. My body feels that it is really nourished.
    - Monica B., Washington
  • IsaLean® Shakes have helped me gain control of my weight. I now maintain a consistent weight, have gained lean muscle and feel healthier than ever before.
    - Janie L., California
  • I love IsaLean® Shakes. They are delicious, filling, and totally satisfying. Simple to prepare and feel so easy in the tummy. No gas, bloating, or other heaviness. They make it very easy to stick to the 30-Day System.
    - Patricia A., California
  • My body can’t wait for its morning shake. When I drink it, I can just feel my body responding to its nutritional value. It wakes me up and makes me feel alive!
    - Richard O., Texas
  • I went from being tired, overwhelmed, and irritable to unbelievable energy, mental clarity, and a sense of peace. My 5½-year-old said I am much nicer when I drink my shakes.
    - Becky B., Texas
  • Black Sesame IsaLean Shake reminds me a bit of a nutty light coffee drink with a light sweetness. Same amazing health benefits (as the other IsaLean Shake flavors): it’s a meal replacement and features the same protein!
    - Lori H.

The Wrong Road

A while ago Sean shared a video with me that brought major clarification to a question I’ve had about prayer. My question is, why do we sometimes feel, after praying about something, that one way was the right way, when in the end it wasn’t. Watch this 3 minute video by Jeffrey R. Holland and you too will have a greater understanding to why this is sometimes the case.

"There are times when, the only way to get from point A to C, is by way of B".
~Jeffrey R. Holland

A few years ago I had an experience similar to this and have always wondered why I felt so strongly to do what I did when in the end it didn’t work out the way I had hoped.

One of my really good friends and I had a falling out about 8 years ago. I couldn’t help but want to hold onto that friendship because of our history. She was a huge part of my teenage years.  I prayed and prayed about what to do and felt very strongly that I should reach out to her again. I didn’t want any feelings of regret, nor did I want to feel guilty, like maybe I hadn’t done enough. I wanted to be humble enough to apologize for anything I may have done to cause contention. So I reached out and we were able to resolve our issues and become friends once more. I felt great about it for a few months but then the same old things began to happen. I felt judged, belittled, left out, unappreciated and eventually I realized that this person was bringing me down. Instead of feeling good and fulfilled after being with her, I felt drained and really down on myself.

I couldn’t understand why, when I prayed about this, I felt so inclined to contact her. This friendship was so obviously not doing me any good.

After watching that video I finally have more clarity on this situation. God wanted me to know with a SURETY that I did all I could and that some friendships and people were meant to be left in the past. Which brings me to a few more quotes I’ve recently come across on Pinterest.

“we cry over friends we will never have back
people we once loved
bridges that have been burnt.
but there’s a reason the past is in the past.
you only have so much room in your life,
save it for people that deserve it.
chances are, if someone’s in the past,
they deserve to stay there.

Cutting people out of my life does not mean I hate them, it simply
means I respect me!

Life is like an elevator:
On your way up, sometimes, you have to stop and let
some people off.

I have fond memories of my friendship with this person and I will cherish them forever, but it’s time to let go and move on. I’ve done all I could do and through this experience have gained some closure to that chapter of my life. I’m finally at peace with it and so grateful for the power of prayer and how it has gotten me through so many of life’s challenges.

Kefir Cheese

Kefir has so many possibilities. For instructions on how to make your own Kefir then read THIS POST. One of my favorite things to make with Kefir, is Kefir cheese. Basically all you do is drain out the liquid whey in order to create a more dense consistency. Perfect for sweet or savory spreads. Before we go into all the different recipes for spreads, let me show you how simple it is to make your Kefir cheese. 



  1. Place a coffee filter into a strainer, then set the strainer in a large bowl. Pour the Kefir into the coffee filter. 

2.  Drain overnight in the refrigerator or until the desired thickness is achieved. Save the whey in a closed container in the refrigerator (there are lots of ways to use the whey, one of them being, a starter for cultured veggies). 

3.  Remove finished cheese from filter. Use in recipes in place of cream cheese--will have a more sour and stronger taste than regular cream cheese.

One of my favorite ways to season kefir cheese is with a pinch of garlic, salt and pepper. So simple, yet so yummy. Perfect on tacos and veggie patties.

 We even like to add a little salsa or avocados to create a probiotic packed chip dip.

Another fun idea is to add fresh squeezed lemon juice, some lemon zest and stevia. I love to dip strawberries in this. 

print recipe
Kefir Cheese
Learn how easy it is to make kefir cheese
  • 2 cups Milk Kefir
  • 1 Coffee filter
1. Place a coffee filter into a strainer, then set the strainer in a large bowl. Pour the Kefir into the coffee filter. 2. Drain overnight in the refrigerator or until the desired thickness is achieved. Save the whey in a closed container in the refrigerator (there are lots of ways to use the whey, one of them being, a starter for cultured veggies). 3. Remove finished cheese from filter. Use in recipes in place of cream cheese--will have a more sour and stronger taste than regular cream cheese. 4. One of my favorite ways to season kefir cheese is with a pinch of garlic, salt and pepper. So simple, yet so yummy. Perfect on tacos and veggie patties.
Prep time: Cook time: Total time: Yield: 4 servings

The Importance of Validation

Validation. What is it? It’s getting feedback from others that “what I do and say matters to you or has helped you.  You think of me. You acknowledge my accomplishments. You appreciate ME."

In my recent blog post I mention the fact that it's OKAY to need a little validation sometimes. We all want to be the kind of person that doesn't NEED validation from others. As much as I believe our happiness and confidence should come from within, I also believe that it's OKAY to need a little love, positive words of encouragement and acknowledgment from others sometimes. We need people, God made us that way and we should embrace it. We can't be on this journey alone and still be our best. 

Validation provides us with something amazing. It gives us energy, makes us happy, motivates us to keep going. We don't have to wait around for others to give it to us though, we have the ability within ourselves to create that same kind of positive energy. Any validation from others is just icing on the cake. So when realizing this, we MUST do our best to provide validation for others and allow karma to take hold. The more we give, the more we receive. If we're not getting the validation needed, then we must take it upon ourselves to provide it. Not desperately seek it out of others. 

I've mentioned before that sometimes I get caught up in the comparison game. There are so many wonderful bloggers and authors out there and sometimes I feel so small compared to them. But God doesn't want us to compare. He doesn't want us to feel like we have to be a trail blazer at all times. Although there is already so much good content out there, I shouldn't feel like I don't have anything unique to add. What I need to remember is that although most everything I'm doing has been done before or said before, the difference is that it hasn't been done by ME! It's common messages paired with MY background and personality. That's what makes it different. I have to remind myself of this regularly. Satan is good at what he does. Just when we think we have it all together and confident in our pursuits, he's right there to say "you're no good so just give it up already". 

It seems like every time I start feeling down about my blog and wanna just throw in the towel. Then is when I'll receive a sweet reaffirming message from one of you telling me how much you've appreciated my blog, or how it's inspired or motivated you in some way.  Serving others is one of THE most fulfilling endeavors in this life. 

So your messages give me that needed validation, proof that what I'm doing serves a greater purpose beyond myself. I also think it's God's way of keeping us from giving up on worthwhile endeavors. His hand is in all things and I've witnessed this time and time again. So thank you for being my supportive group of friends that keep me from giving up.

February Challenge

14 Days of Loving Yourself

Thank you to my friend Heather who suggested that in honor of Valentines Day, we should focus on Self Love. I'm actually really excited about this and TOTALLY need to work on loving myself more.
To be completely honest, I lack confidence more than I’d like to admit. I struggle with self doubt due to the comparison game. I cannot seem to shake this one but determined to master it. I think most women can relate. One minute we're feeling so confident and secure, then in walks a beautifully flawless women and suddenly you feel like the ugliest women in the room. This is what I do to myself in the blogging world. 

February's challenge couldn’t be more perfect for this time in my life. I want to love and appreciate my own unique gifts and talents. I want to be inspired by the success of others instead of allowing it to bring me down or make me feel inadequate. I wannabe CONFIDENT!

“You should never be the smartest person in the room. There’s always going to be somebody who’s smarter to learn from — and that’s a good thing.”

"Your piano teacher was right: practice does make perfect. “The best way to build confidence in a given area is to invest energy in it and work hard at it,” says Schwartz. Many people give up when they think they’re not good at a particular job or task, assuming the exertion is fruitless. But Schwartz argues that deliberate practice will almost always trump natural aptitude. If you are unsure about your ability to do something — speak in front of large audience, negotiate with a tough customer — start by trying out the skills in a safe setting. “Practice can be very useful, and is highly recommended because in addition to building confidence, it also tends to improve quality. Actually deliver the big presentation more than once before the due date. Do a dry run before opening a new store,” says Gruenfeld. Even people who are confident in their abilities can become more so with better preparation."
-Amy Gallo


  • Practice regular positive self talk.
  • Say Exactly what you mean.
  • Stay away from negative people.
  • Let go of what you can't control.
  • Be honest with yourself about what you know and what you still need to learn.
  • Practice doing things that aren't always easy or comfortable.
  • Embrace failure! Failure IS success!
  • Stand tall and practice good posture.
  • Smile
  • Be grateful
  • Exercise


  • Worry about what other people think.
  • Be a people pleaser.
  • Speak badly about yourself.
  • Give up!
  • Be afraid to say "NO".
  • Be afraid to say "YES".
  • Focus on whether or not you have the ability, instead focus on the value you provide.
  • Hesitate to ask for validation if you need it. It's OKAY to ask for honest feedback.
  • Be afraid to try new things.
  • Judge others, it's a reflection of what you think about yourself.

Use the prompts below to participate in the challenge. Be sure you’re all set up on Periscope because some days you will be doing a Periscope video. Always use the hashtag #wannabeconfident so that we can connect with each other that way. If you have not done a Periscope before then be sure to introduce yourself and post your username in the Wannabe Balanced Facebook group.

1. Love Letter to Self (read daily)
Write a love letter to yourself. Be very detailed and write it as if God is saying these things to you. After all, God is the greatest source of love and we should be opening ourselves up to receive his love on a daily basis. So be sure to read this letter DAILY!

2. Periscope: What are your Gifts and Talents? I want to hear what you know to be your God given gifts and talents.

3. Pamper Yourself, take a long bath with candles, give yourself a facial, manicure, pedicure, or go get a massage. Just do something that makes you feel good about yourself.

4. Go for a walk while saying positive affirmations. It’s always a good idea to be alone in nature and give yourself some positive self talk. Notice the beauty and thank God for all he has given you. Praise yourself for the challenges you’ve overcome, or the choices you’ve made that turned out to be a really good thing. Give yourself credit for a job well done and at the same time, thank God for guiding you and giving you the strength to endure.

5. Periscope: Tell us about something you did that you're really proud of.

6. Every time you look in the mirror today, give yourself a compliment.

7. Cultivate a morning routine that includes alone time with God. There’s nothing like the peace you find in the quiet hours of the morning. My day goes SO much better if I can wake up before the kids and have a little quiet time with God. I thank him for increasing my understanding and ask him to guide me as I go about my day.

8. Periscope: What gives you purpose? What do you enjoy doing that gives you great satisfaction and fulfillment?

9. Exercise hard today! Push yourself extra hard to recieve the euphoric feeling that comes after a job well done.

10. Periscope: Share a healthy habit you'd like to incorporate into your life. Could be something as simple as drinking an extra glass of water each day, or adding a new super food to your diet.

11. Enjoy the sunrise with positive affirmations. The sunrise is one of the most amazing things to witness. Most the time I’m too caught up in the book I’m reading, or my journaling that I don’t even look up to take it all in. 

12. Periscope: Share a recent "Tender Mercy". What kinds of little miracles have you witnessed in your life within the last week? Are you noticing all that God is providing for you? A lot of times God answers prayers through the voice of another person.

13. Listen to happy music and dance. Oh how I love listening to music. It’s an instant pick me up. I’ve kind of created a ritual in my house. I love to turn the fire place on, light a candle, and play some music. It instantly lifts my spirit.
14. Happy Valentines Day!!!! Share a picture that best describes “LOVE”. 

Please share this, heaven knows we ALL need it. Let's help each other reach greater heights of confidence and self love. 

Make Your Own Kefir

How To Make Milk Kefir

You all know about my new found fermented food craze because I'm always talking about my love for KOMBUCHA. Of all the cultured food and drink I have been experimenting with, Kefir is by far the easiest one to create. Basically all you need is some Kefir grains, you can buy them on Amazon, and milk. I know many people experience discomfort when consuming dairy, myself included. So although I do drink Kefir, other than that, my diet is basically dairy free. I never have any problems when I drink Kefir, the reason is because it's lactose free because the bacteria has eaten most of it. 

Kefir has much stronger probiotic benefits than your typical store bought yogurt, PLUS it is practically sugar free. Usually yogurt from the store is packed full of sugar, and most yogurts are pasteurized, which means that most of the enzymes and helpful bacteria have been killed off.  I read that Kefir has 30-56 strains of bacteria, and store bought yogurt has less than 10. 

Health Benefits of Kefir:
  • Enhances digestion
  • Treats yeast infections
  • Promotes well-being
  • Helps lactose intolerance
  • Supports immune health
  • Reduces asthma symptoms
  • Reduces allergy symptoms
  • Eliminates constipation
  • Promotes deep sleep
  • Acts as a natural antibiotic

What You'll Need

1 cup milk, preferably whole fat 
1 teaspoon active kefir grains 

1 pint-sized glass jar
Cheesecloth, paper towel, or clean napkin
Small strainer (preferably plastic, but metal is ok)
Storage container with lid

Note: Avoid contact between the kefir and metal both during and after brewing. This can affect the flavor of your kefir and weaken the grains over time.

1.               Combine the milk and the grains in a jar: Pour the milk into a glass jar or cup (not metal) and stir in the kefir grains. 

2.              Cover the jar: Cover the jar with a plastic lid, cheesecloth, or a paper towel, and use a rubber band to hold it in place. 

3.              Ferment for 12 to 48 hours:  Leave the jar out on your kitchen counter or pantry for a day or two. When the milk has thickened (looks like drinkable yogurt) and tastes tangy, it's ready. This will usually take about 24 hours at average room temperatures (between 68-72 degrees F); the milk will ferment faster at warmer temperatures and slower at cool temperatures. 

4.             Remove the kefir grains: If you'd like to use the Kefir right away then place a small strainer over the container you'll use to store the kefir. Strain the kefir into the container, catching the grains in the strainer. 

5.              Transfer the grains to fresh milk: To make your next batch of Kefir just stir the grains into a fresh batch of milk and allow to ferment again. This way, you can make a fresh batch of kefir every day. To take a break from making kefir, place the grains in fresh milk, cover tightly, and refrigerate.

6.              Drink or refrigerate the milk kefir: The prepared milk kefir can be stored in the fridge for many months but it's best to consume it within a week for optimal probiotic benefits. 

Second Fermentation

Like Kombucha, Kefir can also undergo a second fermentation that improves the nutritional value as well as the taste. This process can be done with any fruit or spice. Basically all you do is add a flavor of choice then allow to sit at room temp once again for just a few hours then place in the fridge until ready to use. I like to add some fresh or frozen strawberries with a bit of cinnamon. 

There are endless ways to be creative with Kefir. My kids and I love making Kefir smoothies, and I have lots more fun ideas I will share with you here on the blog. Stay tuned...

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