The Wrong Road

A while ago Sean shared a video with me that brought major clarification to a question I’ve had about prayer. My question is, why do we sometimes feel, after praying about something, that one way was the right way, when in the end it wasn’t. Watch this 3 minute video by Jeffrey R. Holland and you too will have a greater understanding to why this is sometimes the case.

"There are times when, the only way to get from point A to C, is by way of B".
~Jeffrey R. Holland

A few years ago I had an experience similar to this and have always wondered why I felt so strongly to do what I did when in the end it didn’t work out the way I had hoped.

One of my really good friends and I had a falling out about 8 years ago. I couldn’t help but want to hold onto that friendship because of our history. She was a huge part of my teenage years.  I prayed and prayed about what to do and felt very strongly that I should reach out to her again. I didn’t want any feelings of regret, nor did I want to feel guilty, like maybe I hadn’t done enough. I wanted to be humble enough to apologize for anything I may have done to cause contention. So I reached out and we were able to resolve our issues and become friends once more. I felt great about it for a few months but then the same old things began to happen. I felt judged, belittled, left out, unappreciated and eventually I realized that this person was bringing me down. Instead of feeling good and fulfilled after being with her, I felt drained and really down on myself.

I couldn’t understand why, when I prayed about this, I felt so inclined to contact her. This friendship was so obviously not doing me any good.

After watching that video I finally have more clarity on this situation. God wanted me to know with a SURETY that I did all I could and that some friendships and people were meant to be left in the past. Which brings me to a few more quotes I’ve recently come across on Pinterest.

“we cry over friends we will never have back
people we once loved
bridges that have been burnt.
but there’s a reason the past is in the past.
you only have so much room in your life,
save it for people that deserve it.
chances are, if someone’s in the past,
they deserve to stay there.

Cutting people out of my life does not mean I hate them, it simply
means I respect me!

Life is like an elevator:
On your way up, sometimes, you have to stop and let
some people off.

I have fond memories of my friendship with this person and I will cherish them forever, but it’s time to let go and move on. I’ve done all I could do and through this experience have gained some closure to that chapter of my life. I’m finally at peace with it and so grateful for the power of prayer and how it has gotten me through so many of life’s challenges.


Cheri gipson said...

Beautifully said, this resonated with me. Thank you for sharing and being so real. 💕

Claire | Fashion + Feathers said...

Thank you for your vulnerability and being real. Sometimes the different phases of life (and friendship) are difficult to navigate nad prayer certainly makes it easier.

espressoshotcreations said...

"Life is like an elevator:
On your way up, sometimes, you have to stop and let
some people off."
WOW - I love this!! Thank you for posting. I'm surprised at how much I needed to hear this.

Brianna Joseph said...

Exactly!! I've been here with friends, as well as partners. Sometimes you just have to try & try again, even after prayer, because there's a lesson in everything that we do!

Starr Schrenker said...

It's always hard to move on when someone has been a large part of our past. It's beautiful that you have the respect for yourself and your former friendship tip be able to move forward. Lovely.

Rosa-Maria Rumbold said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Unknown said...

I could not have read/seen this at a more perfect time!! Thank you for posting all of these!!

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