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While I'm in the process of creating the meal plans I was telling you about, I highly recommend you use my little guide to help get you started with a healthier lifestyle. In this 25 page booklet I explain the incredible benefits of cultured foods, sprouting, and cleansing. Also I've included step by step instructions and recipes. The meal plan I'm creating will have lots of cultured foods and sprouts, so learn how to make them now in order to fully benefit from my meal plan. I'm only charging $3 for this digital manual, but the meal plans will be FREE exclusive to people on my email list (sign up below).  You can simply print it off, or just keep it on your desktop for easy reference. Please share this with your friends. I would sure love you for it!


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Love that you are teaching people about cultured foods and sprouted foods. What a great way to get healthy!

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