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March Challenge 

I really NEED this months challenge. My house is quickly becoming a cluttered disaster that is completely stressing me out. So I’m excited to be setting aside this month to get my family, house, and mind back in order. I’m going to walk you through the details of each week and steps I’m planning to take.  


Week 1

Organize your family: What I mean by this is to focus on routines, schedules, chore charts, ect. I usually start the school year off with a bang, got my charts and schedules ready for an easy transition into new bedtime routines, homework, chores, and meals. Somewhere a long the line those charts go out the window. So this week I’d like to set aside some time to really analyze what my family needs. Are we too busy? Too much friend time and not enough family time? Is homework getting done at a reasonable hour? Are we rushing in the mornings? Are my kids eating healthy snacks and meals? Am I getting enough one on one time with each child? Are they doing their reading? Are they cleaning up their messes and doing regular chores? I want to create the peaceful flow we so desperately need within our home. I want to start the week off with a lesson on responsibility and how each member of the family has responsibilities to help out around the house. When ever I’m feeling overwhelmed with chaos in the home it’s because I’ve failed to keep my children on track and give them those constant reminders and teach them that moms aren’t supposed to do EVERYTHING. We all need to work together. So I plan to delegate more, TEACH more, and be consistent with reminders. We all know that kids forget so quickly. We can’t expect them to stay on a routine and schedule without our daily PATIENT reminders. I have to emphasize “patience”  because I know from experience that I am easily annoyed when I have to constantly remind my kids to do things. What I need to remember is that it’s not just our kids. We are the same way in our own lives. The natural man easily forgets. Thats why it's important that we incorporate positive affirmations and scripture study DAILY. We NEED constant reminders.
 It's our job as parents to remind (repeat ourselves), over and over and over and over again. We should be grateful for every teaching opportunity even if we've said it a MILLION times before.
I want to also focus on a lot of TEACHING them how to clean up and keep things organized. Instead of trying to do it all myself, I’m going to work by their side and teach them how to keep a house tidy and organized, and emphasize the value of meaningful work and that work can actually be fun.

Week 2 

Organize Your Home: Now it’s time to get down to the nitty gritty. Make a goal to organize one space a day this week. Even if it’s just a cabinet or drawer. Choose 6 spaces you’re going to tackle, then give yourself a day off on Sunday. Go to the container store and stock up on organizational paraphernalia. Oh how I love me some bins and labels. I may have a slight addiction here, considering checking myself into a recovery program or requesting an intervention.


Organize Your Mind: This is a tricky one. I find it incredibly difficult to organize my mind. There are so many things going on up there and sometimes it paralyzes me to the point that I don’t even know WHAT to do. I’m always adding to my mental “to do” list and can’t seem to shut it down sometimes. This is when I know I’m in desperate need of some quiet meditation. I need to wake up early before the kids and just SIT in the peacefulness of the morning. I need to allow my mind to go blank and remain open to receive direction from God. As I do this I have a pen and paper handy so that I can then write my thoughts. This is one way I’ve learned to remedy the feeling of “mind overload”. It’s as if you are literally removing the chaos in your mind and putting it on paper with the intension to simplify. 
Week 4

Organize Your Garage and Car: Yikes! Are you sure you want to participate in this challenge? If your garage is anything like mine then you might be a little scared to commit to this one. Mine definitely needs some work. This week I want to do my best to organize my garage, car, and even my yard. I hope I’m not getting ahead of myself, but I’d like to get a few seeds planted in my garden too. Is this possible? We shall see.

Let’s be supportive!

I hope you will all join the Wannabe Balanced Facebook group and participate by posting pics, inspirational thoughts, tips and advice. Use the hashtag #WannabeOrganized if you plan to post pics on your FB wall or on Instagram. This way we can find each other and offer support there as well. Also, don’t hesitate to do some Periscope videos, I know I will be. It’s so much fun to connect with each other via live video streaming. Let’s get all your friends organized as well so share this post on Facebook and let the craziness begin!!!!!


Amy and Wes said...

I SO need this! Thank you!

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