Gearing up for the New Year

Only 25 days until Christmas. Can you believe it? This year, I wanted to start early on my resolutions. I don't want to completely let everything go, like I usually do during the holidays. So that's why I've put together this schedule to follow until Christmas. Like I said before in my last post, I want to equally incorporate mind, body, soul, and family over the next 25 days. So hear is what I came up with.

Dec. 1st and 2nd
First of all, I wanted to start out the month with a couple of cleanse days. I'm very passionate about cleansing, because what it has done for me. It's the perfect way to start anything I believe. You get your mind on track, increase you're energy, get your weight in check, and just feel amazing. I know there are a lot of different cleanses out there, so do the one you like most. I've tried a few and have found one that works the best for me. Click HERE for more information.

Dec. 3rd
Start a new educational book. The one I plan to read is called, Parenting With Love and Logic, by Foster Cline, M.D. & Jim Fay. I hope to develop some parenting skills, lol. Sometimes I feel like I have no idea what I'm doing, and pray to God that my kids will turn out okay.

Dec. 4th
Do a fun Christmas craft with the kids. This one looked fun. I love the smell of Cinnamon around Christmas, and it looks simple enough for me:) We'll see if I can pull it off.

Dec. 5th
Start taking a class on something of interest. I'm thinking something that only requires an hour or two a week. I don't want to take too much time away from my family, but I thought it would be fun, and a nice break. I recently found out about a place just down the street from me called Picture Line. It's a photography shop that sells all kinds of fun stuff, they also offer free classes with tips on how to use your camera's. So, I plan to try a few of those classes.

Dec. 6th
Find a service project to do with the kids. I thought that this could tie into December 4th's task. If the craft turns out okay, you can give them away to friends or neighbors. I plan to make a special trip to my Grandpa's house. I know he loves visitors, so I thought I could go spend some time with him, bring him some dinner or lunch, and just enjoy the time with him. I'm also in the process of making a video of his life. I recently did an interview with him on video, I want to put it all together, with some of his childhood pictures, and some music. So, I want to begin this project as soon as possible. I'm hoping to have it finished before Christmas, and give the DVD's to family members as a gift. I'll post the video as soon as I'm done with it.

Dec. 7th
Do a fun activity with the whole family. I plan to take the whole family Ice Skating down town. We've never done this before, so I'm excited to try it out. We might have to leave Oliver with a babysitter though, it may be too cold to take him out.

Well, that covers the first week. I will continue the rest of this Schedule next Monday, but will still be writing each day, on how I'm doing :)


Now, this is just ONE day of not cleaning. I thought I would share this with you, because isn't this the truth. Hopefully our husbands appreciate us for all we do each day.
Thanksgiving was great, but now I feel, in Lily's terms, "yuck"! I'm in the process of putting together, a schedule for the month of December. Starting December 1st, and going until Christmas, I want to try to balance everything, between, mind, body, soul, and most importantly, spending quality time with my little family. Who's with me!!! I thought it would be fun to have something new to focus on each day. I'll make a schedule to follow, then I plan to write about each day in more detail as well as a follow up on how the day went. I just want to be able to enjoy the Christmas season a little more this year, and not get so overwhelmed with all that needs to be done. I thought if I set aside a day for each thing, then I can feel confident that it will all get done, as long as I stick to the schedule.

Professional List Maker

I do consider myself a Professional, when it comes to making lists :) Well, given all my experience, and background in the field, pretty much qualifies me. So, therefore, I would like to teach you my "skills".
First of all, here is a list of all the items you will need.

  • Small note pad, preferably with a plastic cover (keeps it protected, when carrying it around in your purse)
  • Fine Point Sharpies (okay, this isn't a must have, but it's an "I" must have. I love these things, and it's nice to have all the different colors, if you like color coding)
  • Little sticky Post-it tabs (these are nice to have, in order to label, and organize all your lists)

Like I said, I'm very "passionate" when it comes to lists lol. Some call it OCD, but no, not me. Lists are a very important part of my day. When I don't have a list of what I need to do, I feel paralyzed. I look around, and see dishes, laundry, kids that need to be fed, and dressed. A fridge that needs to be restocked, dinners that need to be planned. And a million more things. Really, the list never ends. It's easy to feel scatter brained when you have so much to do. A lot of times, we feel overwhelmed, and don't know where to start. So, the best thing to do, is grab a notepad and pen, and start making a list. Just take it one thing at a time and begin checking them off. I find great satisfaction in checking off my lists :)
Like I mentioned before, I've realized that not everything can get done in one day. That's why I put together this ongoing list. It's one that consists of, organizing a room or drawer, updating my family blog, ironing clothes, cleaning out my purse, restocking the diaper bag, cleaning out my car, ect. These things usually can wait until I find the time to do them. Some days I get only one thing on that list accomplished, and other days I can check off 3 or 4.
So, if you're anything like me, you have not one, but in fact, have several lists you're working with. So, I've found a great way to consolidate them all with this handy dandy notebook (I've been watching way too much Blue's Clue's) You can label the tabs however you like. Some may include, Daily list, ongoing list, grocery list, wish list (I've listed the things I want, and am saving for). I've even set apart sections, for Ideas, Meal Plans, Activities (I've listed indoor, and outdoor activities to do with the kids) and Goals.
So, there you go. Please feel free to add any additional advice.

Swine Flu

I recently came across this picture on Facebook, and had to post it. I thought it was halarious!!!
I wanted to quickly share with you what kinds of precautions we have been taking since this whole Swine Flu scare. My husband Sean, has actually been the one that has taken the time to look into it for us. I'm going to have him share with you what we've learned. My Father in Law, Tony Escobar, is a Biosynthesis, and a product formulator himself, so my husband grew up learning all about vitamins, and supplements, which ones are good, and which ones are a waste of money. So, I'm pretty confident in my husbands choices when it comes to this kind of stuff.

From Sean:

Hey everyone, just wanted to share this information with you. Whether or not you feel that the Swine Flu is a serious threat is irrelevant. What is critical, is that we realize that it is essential to strengthen our immune systems, to overcome what may come in the future be it swine flu or whatever.

You can see all of the research at (you should join this newsletter). This guy Dr. Mercola can be a bit over the top at times, however you can’t beat the research and info.

Canada just released a study that they did on 11 million people, where they found that people who had received the regular flu vaccine are 2 times more likely to contract the swine flu. Canada is holding off on such vaccines.
I’m not trying to make you feel bad if you got the flu shot, I’m pointing out that the medical field is not going to rescue us so to speak. We can’t just have blind faith in them. We have to do our own homework and look for alternative methods of prevention.

Everyone knows the power Vitamin C. Vitamin D3 is the most powerful nutritive for avoiding the flu or cold in the winter months. See it’s no coincidence that when people stop receiving daily sunlight (winter months), they start getting sick, or what we call “flu season.” Vitamin D3 is the nutrient that comes from the Sun. This is why it is referred to as the Sunshine Vitamin. When people supplement with D3 during “Flu Season,” they are much much much less likely to contract the flu. It is proven in many studies.
Article on D3 for the Flu:

Last year I supplemented with D3 and didn’t get the flu. The year before, well that was a different matter all together, I got so sick that I went in to the doctor because I thought I was dying. The doc couldn’t do anything for me, he basically said, “some good that flu shot did ya.” One of my family members told me he gets the flu shot every year and still gets the flu, this is sooooo true. People don’t even realize what is in those shots. Mercury which will never leave the body, formaldehyde and antifreeze. Watch this video:

So the moral of this story, get on C and D3 and your kids too.
I’ve been feeding my kids liquid form as it is much more assimilated in the body. I just suck it up in one of those syringes that the Doctors use (less the needle) and then I just squirt it in their mouth. I like this brand because it tastes kind of sour and zingy and the kids like it and it is affordable online. You pay more than double at health food stores, I don’t shop at health food stores, buy everything online. Vitacost is the bomb and ship super fast. (Don’t buy First Defense for kids, that one does taste atrocious, I can’t even stomach it, but the Multiple Vitamin is very good.)

Also important to know that Sugar Suppresses the Immune system, making kids vulnerable so we should all cut back.

Love ya!


Sleep??? Foreign to moms, right? I can't even remember the last time I've slept through the night (until recently). Lack of sleep, of course leads to lack of energy, something we all desperately need. I would like to share with you what has helped me get more sleep and increase my energy levels. I would also love to hear what has worked for you. How do you find the energy to deal with the daily demands of motherhood?

Well, first of all, you gotta get the baby's sleeping through the night. Something I wasn't familiar with until, oh, about a week ago. I finally gave into the Ferber's method, better known as "crying it out", something I feared for along time, and never even tried with my first. I now have my 8 month old baby, sleeping through the night. That's what I call "heaven on earth". I never knew it could be this nice. If you have all your kids sleeping through the night, and you simply have a hard time falling asleep, I would highly recommendYou can get it right here on for around $5
I absolutely love this stuff!!! It's not a drug, it's a vitamin, and it TOTALLY works!!! I take it about 30 minutes before I want to go to sleep, and I am out like a light.

Second of all, you have to get your health back. It's easy to fall into bad eating habits with little or no exercise. We're busy all day long, the last thing we want to do, is spend time making fresh salads, and cutting out what we crave most, SUGAR. I truly believe that the way to get a jump start on your health, is by CLEANSING the body. The second I'm done nursing, I'm on a cleanse. That's how much I believe in it. I feel so good, my energy increases dramatically, I lose weight like crazy, and I just FEEL healthier.

So, about caffeine. I have to admit, I do enjoy a diet coke once and a while. I don't make it a habit though. Never have it in the house, I like to drink it as a special treat when we go to lunch or something. I wouldn't suggest drinking any caffeine after 4:00, I know, common sense right. Anyway, if you must have caffeine, I have found a healthier source, and believe me, it works :)
It's called Organic Yerba Mate. I like the chai flavor. I usually mix it with organic rice milk.

Another suggestion is the Verilux Happy Light. Sean and I just barely purchased of couple of these from Costco for $50 each. The suggested use is 3 hours a day. I don't get a chance to use it that often, but I do believe that it works. Here is the description I got off the site.

The HappyLight® 6000 emulates natural sunshine to deliver up to 6,000 LUX of healthy light for improving overall mood, energy and concentration. The 6000's Natural Spectrum® light activates the body's natural mood enhancers, Circadian Rhythms, without exposing you to harmful UV rays. Use the HappyLight 6000 while you're on the computer or reading the newspaper to experience improved well-being and better overall health. Experience improved energy and mood naturally without the use of drugs or artificial stimulants

I hope this information helps, and would love to get your input on it.


"List", my favorite word. I don't know what it is, but I just love lists. Daily lists, longterm lists, grocery lists, lists when I workout, and the list goes on, lol. Hah, I crack myself up. Okay, so anyway, a long time ago I made this "LIFE LIST". I was inspired to do so, by a very dear friend of mine. One day she showed me this list she made of all the things she wanted to accomplish in her lifetime. I was so excited about the idea, and right away began making one of my own. A few things I have on that list, have yet to be accomplished, but they are still in the back of my mind. I know that it will all come in time. It is easy to get lazy about life too, not taking action, and expecting that accomplishing your goals will happen eventually, pretty much means they will never happen. Sometimes I get to this point where I think to myself...what am I really accomplishing? Am I serving my purpose here, or am I just letting each day pass me by. As a mom, I know there is little time to do anything more than caring for the children and keeping house. Like developing talents, and achieving personal goals. I'm constantly trying to figure out how I can balance it all. Is there an answer? Is there that perfect schedule that allows you to fit everything into one day without being completely exhausted? I think not. Among, all the diaper changing, the feeding, the never ending laundry and dishes. Let's not forget, finding time to exercise, making healthy meals for the family, keeping the house clean and organized. Teaching our children good behavior, and spending quality time with them. And then of course, having enough energy at the end of the day to spend some time with the hubby. Like I said, balance is the key. I've learned that I CAN'T fit everything into one day, but perhaps, can fit it into one week, or one month. I've come to accept that, which has been hard, but have found that there's no hurry. I'm not in a race, there are no deadlines or time limits. I'm trying to slow down a bit, and not forget to cherish the little things, and the precious moments I have with my husband and children.
Some of things I have on my life list, include;

    * Find the man of my dreams ( I can go ahead and check that one off my list, found him, and he's even better than in my dreams. I'm so lucky to have him.)

    * Have children

    * Have a body of steel (well, it's not steel, but I'm pretty happy with it, I plan to go into more detail on what I did to lose 25 lbs, and go from a size 10 to a 5, and what I continue to do in order to maintain it)


    * Learn to play the violin, piano and guitar ( I know it seems unrealistic, but that's why it's a "Life List", we have a lifetime to accomplish them)
    * Learn 3 languages, German, Spanish, and French ( one down, two to go. Thanks to my mission, I can now speak fluent German)
    * Own my own horse ( I love horses, and could possibly own one right now, but decided that, a horse may not be in the cards at the moment. I don't need anymore feeding, grooming, and cleaning up after, in my life lol. Maybe sometime down the road)

    * Travel the world (there are so many places I want to see, and cultures I want to learn. )
    * I've recently become very fond of photography, and videography. So, I plan to learn more about both.

Well, you get the point right? I have many more things on my life list, but thought it would be fun to share a few and hopefully inspire you to make one, if you haven't already.


My name is Crystal Escobar. I'm a wife of 12 years, mother of 4, Lily (10),  Oliver (7), Brooklyn (4), and Owen (2).

I come from a large family having 8 siblings. Growing up I moved ALOT, in fact I lost count after the 25th time. I lived in 5 different states and one other country, but Utah would be the place I call home. 

After graduating from high school, I moved to Arizona for a year and attended Scottsdale Community College.  Soon after, decided I wanted to serve an LDS mission. Before I left, I trained and ran a marathon – I’m, pretty proud of that! It was the first and definitely the last!

I served my mission for 18 months in Germany and I absolutely loved it. I saw some incredible things, met some amazing people and learned a few life altering lessons.

Five months after I got home, I met my husband Sean. We dated for 2 weeks and were engaged for 3 months before we tied the knot. Best decision I ever made!

My husband and I are successful network marketers, in fact we made our first million at age 27.  We love to offer training and support to help others achieve the same success we have. To learn more about our success story check out 

I started this blog in November 09 to log my personal progression in finding balance and purpose as a mom. 

I'm really just a Wannabe... a Wanna Be Balanced Mom.
I'm very passionate about having BALANCE -- the unattainable goal.  

 I like to cover a wide range of topics: health, weight loss, spiritual and personal development, making healthy meals, life as a momprenuer, and of course how I TRY to balance it all. 

Here is a post I did when I found myself completely OFF balance.

Come find me on Instagram @CrystalEscobar2 
& Periscope @CrystalEscobar 

Topics I write about include:

-Goals, and "TO DO" lists-- developing talents, finding your passions, and creativity.

-Finding a balance -- making time for the things you want to do, as well as what's most important.

-Staying organized -- the importance of having order in the home, tips on how to organize.

-Beauty Tips --even though we're moms, we can make time to be beautiful.

-Meals -- making healthy meals, on limited time and energy.

-Marriage --making it #1 priority.

-Weight loss --losing the baby weight, and keeping it off.

-Business Women --success IS possible.

-Money --budgeting and saving tips.

-Trials --overcoming them.

-Service -- ways to serve, forgetting yourself, and finding fulfillment.

-Fashion --I like to post pictures of the new clothes I get and where.

Thank you all for reading.

What people are saying about Wanna Be Balanced Mom

 "She is a fun, friendly blogger and has a great site. She is all about keeping balance in her life, and helping others do the same. Anytime I’m feeling a little stressed or flustered, all I have to do is poke around Crystal’s page, and I come away with something new to inspire me. Go get inspired!"
- Typing One Handed

"Crystal is a sweetie pie and one hot momma to boot! (She has some resemblance to Elisabeth Shue...only Crystal is even prettier). Go read her blog; she's totally relatable...and don't hate her because she's beautiful!"
- Postcards From Parenthood

"I was introduced to Crystal Escobar, the author of Wanna Be Balanced Mom through a mutual friend. I was instantly attracted to her sincere and inspirational style of writing.
She writes from the heart and shares very touching, moments, like her American Idol Moment when she put it all out there inspired by her love for her husband, and in the process, teaches us a very valuable life lesson.
She put together a Life List which is definitely a must read."
-The Busy Mom Blueprint

"I started reading her blog exactly two months ago and I instantly became hooked. Who doesn't want to learn how to balance life by combining family and healthy living?"
-Ms Baby Plan

"I met Crystal through blogging awhile back and have been hooked on her blog.  She posts about pretty much anything that might be important to us moms in the quest to find balance...from beauty, fashion, health, homemaking, motherhood, spirituality and much more...hence the name of her blog Wanna be Balanced Mom.  Crystal comes across as a sweet, thoughtful person who seems to be succeeding at her goal to balance it all!  From her cute blog design to her pictures, videos and fun personal stories, you are sure to be hooked too!  And don't forget to check out her inspiring weight loss before and after pics!  I so want to try her program when I'm done nursing.  This is a blog worth following!"
-Candace Creations

Read an Interview with Crystal HERE at 6 Feet Over, and HERE at The 5th Girl

Contact me by email: or find me on Facebook

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