Ten Signs of Pregnancy

In the beginning stages of pregnancy, it’s hard to fully convert to the idea that a little human being is developing inside you.  All signs point towards pregnancy, but without the basketball tummy and feeling the little one move inside you, doubt may cloud whats real.

So today I thought I’d point out the ten signs of pregnancy.

#1. If 8 hours of sleep is no longer sufficient, but 16 seems to do the trick...

You might be a redneck...

Oops, I mean PREGNANT.

#2. Your new residence resides in "la la land."

#3. You begin craving weird things like Spaghetti O’s or get sudden burst of hunger at 2 in the morning.

#4.  You find yourself wearing things like this...

and have no clue why people keep looking at you funny. This really happened to me.

#5.  You’ve lost all motivation. Suddenly your life of productive multitasking turns into the desire to do… NOTHING… absolutely NOTHING.

#6.  You can smell a poopy diaper from a mile away, and the thought of changing it makes you insanely nauseous. 

#7.  You begin gaining weight everywhere possible including your toes.

#8.  Your hormones fluctuate as rapidly as the stock market.

#9.  You discover little black hairs in weird random places like your chin and even your elbow.

#10.  You forget important things like changing the oil in your car, where you live, or even the names of your children.

So there ya have it!

This describes exactly what I've been going through the past two weeks. I feel like a completely different person and only hope things will get better in the second trimester.

Oh the things we go through to bring these little people into the world.

P.S. I'm sorry I have not posted week #3 of the work out program. I promise I will still put it together, just need a little more time.

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Jewel Kade Giveaway!!!

It's the perfect time to have another jewelry giveaway seeing that Mothers Day is right around the corner. Jewel Kade has a great new Mother's Day selection that is sure to assist you in finding that special personalized gift for your mom.

Here is my newest Jewel Kade piece.

And here's the flip side of it.

Don't ya love it!!! These kinds of necklaces are so fun because you can mix and match the charms and chains how ever you want.

Here is their mother's day selection. All orders must be in by April 24th to guarantee Mothers Day arrival.

About Jewel Kade:

The company is about 1 year old. The pieces are hand made in Utah- no 2 pieces are exactly alike-- It's truly like wearing a piece of art. The pieces are all interchangeable- (mix and match), great for any attire-from casual/jeans or dressy. You can even upload a photo for a very special, personalized photo charm. New pieces released every couple months. 

My friend Kathy Andrews is looking to have people join her team to rep this new line of jewelry- The timing is perfect!

For more information on how you can become a Jewel Kade consultant:

Contact my Kathy by email: kathyandrews@wowway.com

Or you can call her: 248-895-0046

Now to enter the giveaway!!!

Here's how it works:

To enter the giveaway leave a comment telling me what you're going to get for your mom for Mother's Day in the comments section of this post. Be sure to leave your email address if it's not already public in your profile. I need to have a way of contacting you if you're the winner. The prize is a $40 gift card to Jewel Kade. Giveaway ends April 22nd.

For additional chances to win you can leave a separate comment for each thing you do from the list below.

Good luck!!!!!

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To see more pictures of my house click HERE.
I've always loved the safari theme. I even used this theme in my own room as a teenager. So what I did was picked out all the fabric I wanted, then had this set made by a neighbor of mine, who is also an interior decorator. She did an amazing job!!!

I found these light switch covers on Ebay. Aren't they cool!

This picture turned out really blurry, but just wanted you to see how cute this little playroom is.

Lily slept in this toddler bed for a while when Oliver was a newborn. But she grew out of it quick so we moved her into the loft.

Now be sure to email your pictures to me by next week. I want to see YOUR nursery rooms. Email them to crystal@wannabebalanced.com

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Little Pooch

Here's a picture of my belly. Yah, I know I'm only 7 weeks, but this is exactly what happened last time too. I started showing as soon as I found out I was pregnant, it's like my brain just starts telling my belly to pop out even though the baby isn't even the size of a grape yet.

You can find this short sleeve side button sweater at Impel.

Or it could be the fact that I'm eating donut holes by the dozen, and sitting around all day cause I'm too tired to do anything else.

I better get crackin on this 4 Week Work Out Program. Click HERE for week one.  Here is week two.

Click HERE to print.

Oh and I thought I'd let you know that Impel is having a sale on all their jewelry and Jeans. Just click on this little icon and it will bring you right to the website. The jeans are only $37 right now and they are SO cute!

Okay, now I have some fun and exciting things planned for the blog. This month my goal is to do more videos, as well as go through all my home videos and put them all on DVDs. I started going through them last night and I already have some funny stuff I will most definitely be sharing, Sean may kill me for doing so, but it will be worth it. Plus I've been working on a couple new videos I plan to post very soon.

Next week I will be sharing pictures of my nursery.  I'm thinking about changing the theme for the new baby. What I need is some inspiration, so I thought it would be fun to host a Baby Nursery link up party.

Here's how it works:

#1.  Email me pictures of your nursery and I will post them here for all to admire. Email them to:

#2.  If you want to share them on your own blog then you will have the chance to link up here, making it                         possible for everyone to visit your page. Mark this date on your calendars so you can be prepared to link up your blog post. The date is next Friday the 20th.

#3.  I will be randomly selecting a winner for everyone who participates. The prize is this:

This Bosch Tassimo Single-Serve Coffee Brewer, Silk Silver ($130 value). I actually won this in a giveaway, and thought I could use it for tea, but it didn't work out that way. I don't drink coffee, so I would like to give it to one of you.

I hope you'll all join me cause I REALLY want to see some of your nurseries.

Can I Get The Business Womens Special?

Please tell me I'm not the only one totally obsessed with the movie Romy & Michelle's high school reunion. I'm always quoting that movie, like when ever I'm out to lunch I ALWAYS ask for the "business women's" special. Cause I AM a business women you know :)

I wanted to share an Isagenix Corporate business call I had the opportunity of doing last week. Here is the recording for any of you "business women" out there.


Also, just to give you a quick update on everything else. I know I told you like 3 months ago I was going to be making some changes on here, including moving my blog over to WordPress. Well, believe it or not, I've been working on it this WHOLE time. I just haven't been able to find someone who can get it the way I want it. So hopefully things will be the way I want it very soon.

And as far as my pregnancy goes, I'm still feeling fine, no morning sickness yet, just getting a little pudgy around the mid section. That's always my favorite part, looking like I have a gut instead of looking like I'm pregnant :). I've gained 8 lbs already which sure makes my husband happy. He thinks the more you gain the healthier the baby. Anyway, I'll be posting some baby bump pics for sure. Hope that's okay with you guys.

Tomorrow I'm posting week TWO of the 4 week work out program. I'd love to get some feedback from any of you who are doing it with me. I love hearing from you and appreciate every comment.

Next week I'll be hosting another giveaway!!! This time I'll be giving away some REALLY cute jewelry!!!

Love you guys!!!! Thanks for all your love and support. Oh and thank you for all your votes on Top Mommy Blogs. I think I'm ranked like #48 right now. I'm pretty happy with that.

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Easter Craft

We've started a little early with the whole Easter egg dyeing fun.

Then we made a cute little nest using an idea out of the Family Fun Magazine.

What you'll need:

* sticks and twigs

* brown paper sack

* glue

* paper plate

Go outside with the kids and collect little sticks, bark, and twigs. Then tear up some pieces of the brown paper sack, crinkle it up, and glue it onto the paper plate. Then glue the sticks and twigs on top of the crinkled up paper sack.

So simple and so fun!!!!

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Feather Accessories For Hair

These cute feather hair accessories are quite the popular thing these days. Ever since my friend gave me some to try out I've started noticing them everywhere. I wonder if it has anything to do with Steve Tyler on American Idol? Hmmm...

I put some in Lily's hair and she loves it...

And tried some in my friend Andrea's hair. Don't you just love how these colors stand out in her pretty dark hair?

These are actually made from roosters tails. You apply them just like extensions, which I've blogged about before. You can keep them in your hair for up to 2 months. When they start to grow out you can just reattach them back to the base with a new micro bead. Wash, dry, curl, or straighten. They will hold up just like regular hair.

You can find these on LUXEPLUMES.etsy.com. She has all sorts of color selections, usually sold in bundles of 12 for $26. Check out this website to see the her whole selection.

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