Loving Your Body After Baby

   Not gonna lie, I've had the hardest time really LOVING my body with the after affects of having babies. I've been using a lot of affirmations this past year and reading them really helps me when I'm feeling down on myself. I'm learning that this is one of Satan's greatest weapons against moms. Instead of rejoicing in the fact that our amazing bodies can create LIFE, we tear ourselves down and set these unrealistic expectations. Why are we women so obsessed with looking perfect?   
  It's funny because not too long ago I thought I had this all figured out. I was in a good place with my body image and I accepted that it wasn't perfect, aging, losing elasticity. I was okay with it. Content and confident. Another reminder that Satan is relentless. Just when you think you have it together, you're reminded that you don't. Like I was saying in my, Let The Scriptures Be Your Guide post, we need constant reminders. It takes daily effort on our part to remain in a good place mentally and spiritually. 

  "Clearly, Satan wants us to see ourselves as the world sees us, not as the Lord sees us, because the world's mirror, like a circus mirror in which a five-foot, ten-inch women appears two feet tall, distorts and minimizes us. Satan tells us we're not good enough. Not smart enough. Not thin enough. Not cute enough. Not clever enough. Not anything enough. And that is a big, fat, devilish lie. He wants us to believe that there is no status or significance in being a mother. That  is a lie~ and an evil lie. He wants us to believe that the influence of women is inherently inferior. And that is a lie. "

  We are amazing! Our bodies our amazing! God allows us to create an entire human being with our very own bodies. We get to carry them inside us for 9 months of their lives. Then we are able to FEED that child! Again, WITH our bodies. How amazing is that! Let's not allow Satan to trick us into thinking that our stretch marks are not beautiful. They are reminders of the priceless gift God offers us. 

  When ever I think of the changes we go through as we age, I think of Gordan B. Hinckley and what he say's about his wife in his book Standing For Something.

  "As I looked at her across the table one evening recently, I noted the wrinkles in her face and hands. But are they less beautiful? NO; in fact, they are more so. Those wrinkles have a beauty of their own, and inherent in their presence is something that speaks reassuringly of strength and integrity, and a love that runs more deeply and quietly than ever before. "

  Lets remember the aging process for what it really is, a sign of wisdom, experience, and strength. Each wrinkle,  each stretch mark tells a beautiful story of a life LIVED! 


Kat said...

So well said! Thank you for being open to sharing your thoughts and feelings.. Everything you said resonated a ton with this mama. xoxo

Crystal Escobar said...

Awesome! Thank you Kat. Glad you can relate. I appreciate your comment.

Scha&Andi said...

your body is amazing. never be hard on the bod. it serves you well. & well it could be worse you could look like me. 8)

Crystal Escobar said...

Andrea, you're beautiful inside and out.

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