Let The Scriptures Be Your Guide

Continuing my thoughts from my last post.
  As I was saying, I prayed for motivation to do something that would get me excited. I needed guidance, a project, SOMETHING. God led me straight to the scriptures. Which is what inspired me to blog again. I want to share the things I'm learning. 
   For those of you who don't know, I am LDS (Mormon). I'm a Christian. I believe in the Bible and The Book of Mormon (another testament of Jesus Christ). I've read the scriptures here and there but I admit, I'm not too familiar with them. I usually make a goal to read them daily but would quickly lose motivation to be consistent. Because of the somewhat hard to understand scripture language I found myself dozing off or easily distracted. I had a really hard time focusing on what I was reading. 
   This is the first time in my life that I'm actually understanding and enjoying the scriptures. Two reasons, one is because I have the desire to learn more. And two, because I've been using some great study guides that are helping me tremendously. 

I am really loving this one. Shannon Foster is also known as The Red Headed Hostess (that's the name of her blog). She has so many great resources, some are downloads she sells directly on her site and others you can find on Amazon. That's where I found this doodle book. 

The next resource is this book👇. 

I REALLY love this book! Basically it's the Book of Mormon with commentary. It has been extremely helpful in helping me understand. 
  Right now I'm reading the words of Isaiah (also found in the Bible), which are known to be some of the most difficult scriptures to understand. Isaiah has a very poetic way of teaching which is beautiful but not always easy to follow. 
  "We need to develop the ability to see applications in the scriptures which would parallel conditions or situations in our own lives. Then the scriptures come to life." -David J. Ridges
  This is such a fun thing to do! Sometimes it seems so hard to relate to those ancient times, but if we really TRY, we will start to see how every scripture can apply to our lives in some way. 
  Isaiah talks about the scriptures being our guide and how we don't have to be lost or depressed, wondering what our purpose is. The scriptures gives us the answers, inspiration, motivation and guidance. They truly lift us up and keep us going with goals and purposes in our every day.
  I'm seeing the scriptures in a whole new light, a way I have never experienced, not even on my mission. It's so fun to be able to learn and understand new things each day!!!
  Another thing I'm noticing about  Isaiah's way of teaching is that he's also very repetative. It might seem annoying to some people but I think for this reason he was so inspired. God knows that the natural man easily forgets or can be "hard heads". That's why it's important that we study DAILY, and attend church regularly. We need constant reminders.
  When we "liken" this unto our parenting, it might help us be a little more patient with our own children. We are constantly repeating ourselves, "put your shoes away!", "clean up your mess", ect. No need to get irritated by this. They are normal human beings, they FORGET.  It's our job as parents to remind (repeat ourselves), over and over and over and over again. We should be grateful for every teaching opportunity even if we've said it a MILLION times before. 


celeste Thompson said...

Truly appreciate your honesty , it's Refreshing !
Needed this inspiration to really absorb scritures again being a busy domestic goddess ,lds Christian while keeping it real ! ~ a new friend in seattle

Crystal Escobar said...

Hey Celeste, thank you for your sweet comment😊. It's nice to hear some feedback. Seattle is a beautiful place I hear.

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