Great Sales Going On!!!

Lately I've been laying around all day feeling nauseous and having barely enough energy to take care of my kids. This is the time where I think to myself, WHAT DID I GET MYSELF INTO????
Or better yet, what did SEAN get me into. What a jerk right :)
I'm kidding Sean :) I love your finger paintings.
*That's a line from Happy Gilmore incase you were confused. I kind of like to quote movies.

So anyway, yesterday I ventured out into the world after being home bound for the last few weeks. I went and got a pedicure and manicure, then did a little shopping. Nothing like a little pampering followed with some money spending to make me forget about the morning sickness.

The Sweetest Thingz was where I landed and ended up finding some GREAT deals! They've got a sale going on AND having a little Ladies Night special happening tomorrow night. Here's the details.

"Join us this friday, for Girl's night out 5-10 p.m. Mother's day event.
If you Grab your Mom or bring anyone who's a mom you both will recieve a free gift with any purchase!!!
We are also going to give a free pair of our super cute rainboots with every $50.00 purchase! (while supplies last) so come early for best selection and sizes!
As well as an additional free item off of the clearance rack if you spend $100.00.
Also buy one get one 1/2 off on all jeans and capri's; including Rock Revivals and MEKS.
We also have sales going on around the store for this night
This is a perfect oppurtunity to get your mom a mother's day gift she will love!!!
and as always we will have yummy kneaders treats!!!
Love to see you there!!!"

Here are just a few of the things I got, I was too tired to get dressed up and take pictures of everything :)
I got these adorable shoes for $29.95

I got this cute shrug for $19.95, the dress for $39.95 and the hat for $14.95. This dress is perfect for a growing midsection :)

Also got Sean a pair of jeans and shorts. Look how sexy these shorts are!

And here's a couple pictures of some other things they have.

Happy Shopping!!!
By the way, if there is anything you want from The Sweetest Thingz and don't live nearby, then just contact Allison on facebook and she said she's be willing to ship items to you.

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Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Ok, I love those open toe shoes! I never wanted to shop when I was pregnant, until I was big enough for maternity stuff.

Crystal said...

cute stuff

Erin said...

Crystal I wish I lived in Utah -I want to go shopping there!!! I want that dress,jean jacket, and scarf!!!!
Hope this phase of pregnancy passes quick for you :) You are the cutest pregnant woman I know!!! :)

nicole said...

You're so fashionable Crystal! But still modest- awesome! I bet you're a great role model for the YW in your ward. :) Super cute outfits!

Cara S. said...

I want to shop there too...whaaahhh, I need shoes like this, and a denim jacket with an awesome scarfy thing, and who doesn't need a new hat? I need a new hat...maybe you can just mail me yours? I'll give you my address [wink, wink]

Jenny Livingston said...

I NEED those shoes with the bow... pronto!

Verena said...

Oh you look so cute in your new dress! I love your new shoes! I hope you´ll be feeling better soon!!!
Did you have a nice Mother´s Day?

ModernMom said...

Oh my gosh! I clearly missed some big news! Congratulations my friend:) I'm so happy for you!

jules said...

I love the color of that shrug! Super cute!

Renee Weatherford said...

I love your taste in clothes - maybe you should become a stylist! Hope you're feeling better!!

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