December Challenge

Wannabe Balanced Challenge

This month I want to really focus on being balanced and enjoying every moment. Each day we will post a picture on our Instagram and or Facebook accounts that applies to the daily prompt. Of course I hope we will all continue being consistent on Periscope because we don’t want to get out of practice. So you choose which days you want to Periscope but for sure post a picture on facebook/instagram each day. Elaborate a little and share your thoughts or a positive quote to go with your picture. Use the hashtag #wannabebalanced so that we can easily find each others posts and can support one another by liking and commenting. If you're new to our challenges then I'd highly recommend you start with our Wannabe Fearless Challenge first.

Instead of stressing out and over doing it on the treats, take one step toward staying healthy physically and mentally this month. Get FREE daily inspiration from me, your fellow Wannabe Balanced Mom. 

How it works:

1. Use the daily prompts to inspire you. 

2. Inspire US with your pics, and or thoughts.

3. Share on Facebook, Instagram, or even Periscope using the hashtag #wannabebalanced (November Wannabe Fearless challenge had 1k people talking about it!)

4. Encourage balance in others with likes + thoughtful comments. (most supportive tribe of women here)

5. Share this post on Facebook, or share this picture on Instagram so you can help your friends and family stay a little more balanced this month. Also, Join our Facebook group Wannabe Balanced for more support and inspiration throughout the year. 

  1. ·      Selfie: Tell us a little about you.
  2. ·      What are you reading?
  3. ·      Push yourself really hard in your fitness routine. Sweat!!!
  4. ·      Focus on mindfulness today. Enjoy the present, practice mindful listening and eating.
  5. ·      Go on a long run.
  6. ·      Write in your journal.
  7. ·      Meal prep for the week.
  8. ·      Call a friend or send a hand written letter.
  9. ·      De-clutter a space in your house.
  10. ·      Spend 10 minutes meditating. Eyes closed, doing and thinking about NOTHING. Set your timer.
  11. ·      Write out some positive affirmations today.
  12. ·      Make a colorful salad.
  13. ·      Wake up early.
  14. ·      Do something different with your husband.
  15. ·      Share a childhood memory.
  16. ·      Share a healthy treat.
  17. ·      Do something festive and fun with the kids.
  18. ·      Say a 10 minute prayer.
  19. ·      Do a service project with your kids.
  20. ·      Show us a DIY project.
  21. ·      Wrap presents
  22. ·      Have a family movie night with pop corn and hot cocoa.
  23. ·      Get bundled up and play outside with your kids.
  24. ·      Share a tradition.
  25. ·      Show us your Christmas morning aftermath.
  26. ·      Do Yoga.
  27. ·      Write down your game plan for 2016
  28. ·      Go to bed early
  29. ·      Listen to a podcast
  30. ·      Best bit of today.
  31. ·      Last moment of 2015


Charlene said...

Will you do a new years challenge please. I failed to keep on the December challenge but loved it. I will for sure do the new years one for January if you would do one.

Unknown said...

Absolutely Charlene!!! I'm working on January Wannabe Lean challenge and will be posting about it soon!Absolutely Charlene!!! I'm working on January Wannabe Lean challenge and will be posting about it soon!

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