Wannabe Fearless Challenge

15 Days of Overcoming Fear! 

Most people are afraid of speaking in front of people and being on camera. My goal with this challenge is to help you overcome that fear by stepping out of your comfort zone and doing daily Periscope videos. For those of you who have never heard of Periscope, well it's pretty much where all the cool people are hanging out these days.  No seriously though, it's an incredible new platform that allows you to teach and share messages via live video streaming. All you need to do is download the free app, create a profile, and start searching for people to follow. You can find me at www.Periscope.tv/crystalescobar 

Then simply start doing your own videos using this list below.
Day 1. Introduce yourself briefly
Day 2. Tell us your hobbies and or talents.
Day 3. What are your long-term goals and passions?
Day 4. Tell a story of when you pushed yourself to do something, even though it was scary.
Day 5. Share a helpful tip for moms.
Day 6. What are your fears?
Day 7. Tell us about your favorite motivational speaker and or book?
Day 8. Share one of your life altering experiences and what you learned from it.
Day 9. Give us a tour of your home.
Day 10. What is your favorite, can’t live without, product?
Day 11. Share your favorite recipe.
Day 12. What is keeping you from fulfilling your dreams?
Day 13. What are some of your greatest accomplishments?
Day 14. Tell us how you met your husband.
Day 15. Share an embarrassing moment.

If you would like to join in on this challenge and receive incredible support and followers, then let me know by leaving a comment below, or go join our Facebook group called Wannabe Balanced. Everyone is welcome!!!

Just be sure to use the hashtag #wannabefearless as part of your title and share your videos on Facebook and Twitter. I would love to support you through this challenge by watching your videos. I've recently done this challenge with a great group of women and it was amazing to witness the growth in just 15 days. 

Reasons why Periscope is so great:

*Huge time saver! Doing daily Periscopes is much faster than daily blog posts. Being a mom of 4 small children doesn't really allow much extra time. So I Periscope daily and blog when I can. 

*Great way to practice your speaking skills. It's a little nerve racking at first, but I can see how much I've improved over the last few months since starting. 

*If you are building a brand or business, it's a great way to teach and share information in a more personal way. People can SEE you and hear your voice. It humanizes you. 

*Since you are live and people are able to comment, it just feels like you're face-timing with friends. You can get instant feedback and answer questions on the spot. 

*It's great self talk and a way to voice your positive affirmations and at the same time lifting others.

So come on everyone! Let's work at overcoming fear one day at a time.

UPDATE!!! Just did my 200th Periscope!!!J Here's a quick look back over the past 6 months of scoping! I started Periscoping as a way to overcome the fear of speaking in front of people, develop better communication skills and to just share the messages of my heart. I can honestly say that I DID overcome my fear and have seen a huge improvement in my overall speaking skills. Periscope has been great practice and I appreciate you all who have been so supportive throughout this growing process!!!


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