Tempt My Tummy Tuesday-Dinner Attempts

Blessed with Grace
Well folks, I done it again. Another, almost, successful meal. This week I decided to play along with Tempt My Tummy Tuesdays over at Blessed with Grace, by sharing my recent masterpiece.

Chicken and Cheese Turnovers
I got the recipe from Running Away.

I'm always up for making a quick, simple, and somewhat healthy meal. And this one was SO easy, and tasted great!

I used an already cooked rotisserie chicken, that right there cuts the time in half.
A can of corn, can of cream of chicken soup, some cheese, and WALAA!!!

Okay, now here's where I screwed up. I have a serious problem......... I don't like to read the directions. One of my former mission companions goal in our companionship was to teach me to READ THE DIRECTIONS!!!! She noticed my problem early on, and set out to cure me of this disease.
Needless to say, her efforts were in vain.
Do you like my different shapes?

I did it on purpose :)
Okay, I'm lying.
The recipe actually calls for PIE CRUST, not pizza crust!!!
It all turned out okay I guess :) Still tasted great!

I even managed to make HOME MADE cookies................serious, I made them from scratch!!!!

Oh, haha, my silly daughter, she just likes to hold the pre made cookie dough box, um so she can compare ours with theirs :):):):)

A moms gotta do what a moms gotta do. I'll do anything to save a little time :)


Karen said...

Wow, the turnovers look amazing, I am going to the grocery store later this afternoon and adding the ingrediants to my list. Yum!!!


Myda said...

You are too funny!

koralee said...

Happy dance...I love your cooking..you are soooooo like me...your dinner attempt was wonderful...I am so stealing this for tonights dinner..hugs to you !xo

Angie S said...

I'm going to try those turnovers for sure. I just love rotisserie chicken...so fast and easy!

I have been meaning to bake cookies for several days. I wish I had them pre packaged...it takes too long to whip up a homemade batch!

Kel said...

I'm definitely going to try that recipe. It looks delicious!

jenn said...

this looks so yummy!!!!!

Beth said...

Those turnovers look amazing! But most anything with chicken and cheese is good in my book! :)

I wanted to leave you a message about having moved my blog since you have been one of my beloved followers. I moved it this past weekend and it is now at http://www.bethszimmerman.com/ I would love it if you would come visit ... and maybe even follow again. :)


Daisygirl said...

oh that recipe looks awesome and my kids would so eat that!
Laughing at the cookies...we all do it ;)

Tezsia Mills said...

oh my gosh you are hilarious.. we have the cookie box in the freezer to..lol

I don't read directions either.. makes for an interesting outcome sometimes..

Gigi said...

Thanks for coming by my mommy blog! Following you now too :) note that I also have a foodie blog where i love to post easy recipes...check it out:


Your food looks yummy!

Verena said...

Crystal, you have such a refreshing way to write. I love it!!! I can hear you speaking! (Does that make sence? Sorry for my english.) Can´t wait to meet you in person one day! The dinner you made looks very delicious! I´ll try that for sure. And I love chocolate cip cookies!
And by the way, I hate to read instructions, too.;o)

Hug´s, Verena


Adrienne said...

that looks yummy!

Smart Money Mom said...

They sound great and easy! That's really good for me!

SandGs Mom said...

try the crescent roll dough with them, it is pretty tasty too.

Rene W. said...

aaaahhhhh! You're killin me here ;-) Only two more days... That looks sooo good. Will have to try it when I'm not on "restriction" lol!

One Love Mama said...

I am adding this to my recipe box! It looks so AH-mazing!

Kristi {at} Live and Love...Out Loud said...

Those turnovers look great! I can think of a million things I could turn into a turnover. I'm so glad I stumbled across this post on your blog. I need to do my menu plan tomorrow!

Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

Alexis AKA MOM said...

Omgosh sorry it took me forever to come over. They turned out great I'm so glad you made them :). And cookies too you rock mom!

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