Worlds Sexiest 30 Year Old!

This weekend we are celebrating my husbands 30th birthday! I'm so excited because I have a thing for older men and always wanted to make out with a 30 year old. Yah baby, all my dreams are about to come true :)
So today I'm featuring my wonderful husband, we're not going to call it FAB Friday though :) It's a little too feminine for my strong, sports lovin, manly man. 
I have so many things to say about this guy I don't even know where to begin. First of all, the story of how we met is coming soon. We're celebrating our 6th wedding anniversary the end of this month and I plan to share the interesting, yet amazing story of how we ended up together. 

I want to start out by sharing a little something that he wrote recently. I stole this from his weekly newsletter he sends out to all the top leaders in our company. I really liked it because he shares part of his bucket list, also mentioning some things he hoped to accomplish before he hit 30. He is such an inspiration to me, you'll see what I mean.

Got Dreams?  Better put them in Writing!
-Sean Escobar

Did you know that the single act of writing your goals down increases the chances of achieving them by 1100%? Amazing, isn't it! You can increase your chances of reaching your goals by 11 times just by writing them down.

I remember fondly a day when my dad took out a red marker and wrote on my hand the number "50"  It was August then and he said, I want you to be at 50 cycles (higher ranking in our company) by Christmas, for some reason he likes to say "by Christmas."  :)  Anyways, I nodded, didn't really need to say anything, I knew it would take an incredible commitment to pull that off.  Would you believe that by Christmas that year Crystal and I had broken 100 cycles a week! 

When I first got involved in Isagenix I remember Dad always instructing people to write down their goals in RED.  I actually still have the pad where I wrote them down from years ago.  It has become quite special to me. 

Here are some of the goals I wrote down in no particular order and whether or not they have been fulfilled since:

-Have the Ability to Retire by the age of 30 - Fulfilled, I turn 30 this weekend

-Meet my dream girl and get married - Fulfilled!

-Have all the time in the world for my children - Fullfilled!

-Hit a Hole In One - Not yet Fulfilled

-Invent Something - I have a couple things in mind, top secret :)

-Write a book - Not Yet

-Max out our position in Isagenix - Fulfilled

-Find out what people's dreams are - getting better at this all the time

-Build a big Garage with my office above it - Fulfilled

-Read Scriptures Everyday - Not Yet Fulfilled

-Make 100's of millions of dollars - Not Yet Fulfilled :)

-Start a Charity for Single Mom's - not yet

- Serve a Christian Mission with Crystal - Not Yet

Anyways, those are just a few of them, but you can see that some of my Big Aspirations HAVE been Fulfilled and Many of the Small ones that I'm not mentioning have been.  It works.   I have no doubt that ALL of my goals and dreams will come to fruition! By the Way, Have I mentioned how Grateful I am for Isagenix in my life? 

Love Sean

Isn't he amazing! I feel so lucky to be married to such a person. One of the things that attracted me the most to him in the beginning, was his obvious passion to better himself and achieve HUGE goals. I LOVE people who dream big, and he is one person who truly believes that he CAN accomplish what ever the heck he wants! I've seen him come so far in the last 6 years.
He is also the BEST dad ever! These little kids have him wrapped around their little fingers:) He spends so much quality time with them, never tires of playing with them. In fact, if he didn't have to work, I guarantee he'd spend every second with them. He's such a family man, I never doubt that we are THE most important thing to him.


Now don't be alarmed, these are Sean's hairy feet, and he doesn't normally wear nail polish :) Like I said, these kids have got him wrapped around their finger.  He'll do anything for them, even allowing Lily to paint his toe nails.

Yes, this is a picture of him doing Lily's hair. How cute is that?


Carrie said...

Happy 30th birthday Sean! Welcome to the thirty and flirty club where the fun never stops but your knees hurt all the time. Have a great weekend together, spoil him Crystal!

Missy said...

Just found you on SITS - I'm a new follower!

FourJedis said...

Carrie's comment is hilarious... but so true. Happy Birthday, Sean! I hope you find the 30s as wonderful as we have. Crystal, a great post per usual. It's always great to take time and let our husbands know how wonderful they are and how much the bring to our lives. You definitely found a great one! Enjoy the birthday and the weekend.

Emma said...

Happy Birthday to Hubby. He truly does sound amazing and I love how happy you are together! Hope that you have a great weekend! x

Kristina P. said...

You guys are a hot couple!

And where in Utah do you live? I have blog lunches every so often. You should definitely come.

Lilibeth MacLean said...

Happy Birthday, Sean! I think great fathers are the sexiest men of all, Crystal (BTW, I voted again).

Alicia said...

Aww, what a cute post about your sweet husband! Thanks for following my blog. :)

My Personal Journey said...

He DOES raise that bar extremely high, and to be so humble as well, he is a special person. Happy Birthday to Sean xoxxo

Addison AND Crews Mama said...

Happy Birthday to Sean!!! :)
You guys are too cute! What a fantastic post.
Such an awesome family!!!

Sean Escobar said...

Thanks everyone, and thanks especially to Crystal for thinking of me. I'm just so thrilled to see friends of mine like Lilibeth following Crystal's blog and that you appreciate it like I do. You know what, I have one more day to be really irresponsible! hmmm, what should I do? It does feel strange to think that I have left the 20's. This morning Lily said, "wow, 30 years old, is he still going to be able to fit in the house?" Cute how kids perceive that we never stop growing. I didn't correct her, I love for kids to think stuff like this. Like when Lily sometimes slips up and prays to Santa instead of Jesus. lol

Heather said...

It is a great idea to write down goals! I've just been doing it with my household goals but I should add others to that list too! Sean's feet just don't look right with that polish! haha!


Adrienne said...

Happy Birthday to your hubby and he is so sweet with the kiddos =) I love it

Angie Muresan said...

You guys are both hot! Happy 30th to your sweetie! :)

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday to your hubbie! You can always spot a fabulous daddy when he's sporting a pedicure like that. Love it! :)

"Queen" Vic said...

First things first, Thanks for stopping by my SITS Potluck Post, today!

Secondly, that was a GREAT post and tribute to your love!

Third, you two make a gorgeous couple. I'm sure your little ones are simply adorable!

Thanks for following me - I've subscribed to you too!
(@CrowndVic if you tweet!) :)

A Lil Story said...

So sweet! Happy Birthday to your hubby! he seems like a really great guy =)

We are celebrating our 6th anniversary in a couple weeks too, and my hubby is about to turn 30! haha, we really do have a lot in common =)

Voted for you too!

Crystal said...

I agree with writing our goals and dreams!!! I love the painted toes :-)

Mindy said...

Happy Birthday Sean. 30 was hard for me. Something about not being twenty something made it feel so...old. But it just gets better.
Crystal, you both deserve each other. There's nothing like being in a partnership with someone you love.
And I loooove when my husband does the girl's hair. So cute.
Great post.

Daisygirl said...

oh my gosh that is the cutest tribute laughing at the feet but my hubman has done that too!
Although I won't let him touch Bella's hair because well it just turns out all wrong!

Happy Birthday Sean! Love all the pictures!

Whatever Dee-Dee wants said...

You know he's a good dad if he lets his girls paint his toes :)

@Home-Mom said...

how exciting!!! my hubby turned 30 this year and we've gotten to share the last 9 years together.

Congrats from sits and love your blog.

come see me today for my 3rd hop if you get a chance ;)

classycareergirl said...

What a sweet post! Happy birthday to your husband and happy 6th wedding anniversary! Your husband sounds like an amazing man. Have a great weekend!

Ms. Understood said...

Happy birthday to your husband. Those pics are great. Y'all are very photogenic. Beautiful couple. I love your husband's idea to write down your goals in red. I'll keep that in mind.

The PWT said...

Awww... You've got a great catch there girl. Such a sweet and inspirational post. Happy 30th to the hubs!!

nmaha said...

Such a sweet thing to do for your husband......Happy 30 guys make such a cute couple......may you have many more wonderful years together

Natalie | The Bobby Pin said...

Super cute! My husband turned 30 last year! He's actually more scared for this birthday when he's 31 - because he'll be IN his thirties! Funny men! Old men! Makes me feel old!

Happy birthday sean!

Unknown Mami said...

Feliz cumplea├▒os, Sean!

Debbie said...

You all are such a cute couple! You are very lucky indeed.

Rachel Cotterill said...

I have a list of things I'd like to do before I'm 30... some are easier than others! I was interested to read your husband's list. Wish him a happy birthday from me! :)

Rene W. said...

Happy Birthday to Sean - being in our 30's has really been so much more fun than our 20's! It does fly by though :) It looks like his list is almost complete!

Holly said...

Happy Birthday! My 30's were better than my 20's...I wish you continued success.

Maureen @ TatterScoops said...

Happy Belated Birthday to your husband! Those pictures are so priceless! :D

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

Happy Bday to your hubby! Mine turned 40 last November, so I'm definitely fulfilling my dream of kissing the older man, he's several years ahead of me. ;)

I love how committed to personal growth Sean is. That is how my husband and I are too. It's all about finding and pursuing your passions and I believe in writing down goals 100%. It is how I have achieved some of my greatest! :)

So cute to see him brush your daughter's hair!

The Redhead Riter said...

You make such a lovely couple! Happy B day!

carma said...

What a top notch guy!! I need to try this writing things down stuff - instead of sitting back and whining - my normal M.O. :D

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