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Hey Everyone, I have something really exciting to share with you today. Thanks to my awesome friend Malea, I've found a great new place to buy all my healthy organic pantry foods, like coconut oil, gluten free flours, grains, pastas, ect. In the past I've always used Amazon Prime because I just love the convenience of having it shipped to my house AND the free two day shipping. Sooooo, now I've found this incredible new website that essentially offers the same thing but WAY cheaper than Amazon. 

I just placed my first order at Thrive Market and my total came out to be $114.31. Then I went to Amazon and added the EXACT products to my cart to see what the difference in price would be. My Amazon order would have cost me $236.65!!!! 

Can you believe that? Wow, I had no idea I was losing so much money over the years buying these products on Amazon. So of course I'm now a yearly member of Thrive Market. They do have a membership fee like most wholesale companies (Costco). It's $60 for the year, but I pretty much paid for that in my first order. The fine print when comparing directly to Amazon is that the free shipping only applies to orders over $49, and it takes a day or two longer to ship. So, to me it's worth waiting a little longer for my shipment to arrive and I usually spend at least $50 bucks every time I shop on Amazon anyway, so that won't be a problem.

They also have a cool affiliate program. Every time you refer anyone then you get $25. So please use the link I've provided so I can get credit for referring you. Thank you:)...

Here are all the things I purchased just now on Thrive Market. (Note: These are screen shots of my shopping cart, so they are not clickable.)

I'm really excited about the Mighty Maca Greens. I've recently learned how amazing this stuff is. And it was $20 cheaper on Thrive Market. It's a great superfood powder you can add to your smoothies. Maca is grown high in the Andes mountains, at the highest elevation of any food plant in the world. I've read that it has energy lifting and mood enhancing qualities. Also known to improve hormone balanced and libido. We shall see *wink *wink.

So if you're anything like me, then you are just as excited as I am to have found a one stop shop for all these a amazing name brand organic health foods at a fraction of the cost! Now it is cheaper an ever to eat healthy.

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Malea said...

Yay! I'm so glad you signed up and are saving $$$! Love your blog! The design is awesome and content and pics are amazing! Good work girly!

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