Kyla Tells All

It's no secret I love watching the Bachelor, it's one of my many guilty pleasures :)
Why is it so much fun to watch the drama, lol. Oh and how awesome would it be to get to experience something like this, go on all those cool dates, and get to wear all the fancy dresses, and get all decked out every day :) what an adventure!

Okay, so last week, my friend Carrie, hosted a Q&A on her facebook page. She just so happens to be friends with Kyla Dickerson from season 2 of the Bachelor. I thought it was so much fun, and got permission from Kyla to post a little bit of it on here for you all to read.

Thank you Kyla for taking the time to give us all the juicy behind the scenes details :)

Q- Do they do an extensive background search on all the ladies? Do the producers keep certain people on the show to spice things up? Are the girls in the house really friends?
Does the bachelor decide who goes on the dates with him or do the producers arrange it all for him?

Q- Do the producers tell them to keep certain people to add "juice" to the show. (Vienna)
How much drinking actually goes on? Is anyone even sober enough to make a good decision?

KYLA- Hey, everyone! I will tell you what I experienced on the show to answer your questions!:) Yes, they have background checks on all the girls and it is quite the process. It took about 3 months from application process to the final 25 that are chosen. They do compatability tests and everything! Some real loony chicks make it in somehow though!;) But that's what makes for good tv, right?!! They edit EVERYTHING to look the way they want it to! You
basically sign your life away, saying they can edit any footage of you. I have to say that some of the girls really are friends on the show. I am still good friends with many of the girls that were on my season.
***The bachelor also has 'some' say in who he goes on the dates with but sometimes they put certain girls together on the date for obvious reasons...DRAMA! He does get to pick what he does on the some of these dates are actually planned by Jake.
***No matter what anyone says, YES...the producers will keep girls on the show against his will! He signs a contract saying that this can happen. He is a game piece sometimes to them..this is most likely why Vienna (sausage..haha) stayed. She is the ONLY girl the others
don't really get along with, so why would they let him let her go...they wouldn't.
***There are all sorts of tests that the girls go through prior to being on the show...physicals, psychological, compatibility, etc..and there are also 'alternate girls' in case one of the 25 girls backs out before they start shooting the show.

***On my show, there were girls who drank all day on into the night. I didn't drink, so sometimes it was quite entertaining for me! The perks of being the sober bachelorette, I guess! LOL! But there was an UNLIMITED amount of alcohol...remember, they want drama and alcohol can really get that out of people!;)
~~~I hope I answered everyone's questions!! I sorta wrote a novel here...haha! So, keep em coming if you have more! Jake has some interesting chicks to deal with...but I think I know who he is going to pick! xoxo

Q- Thanks for answering all our questions Kyla. Out of curiousity, who do you think Jake will pick? And, my husband was a big fan of Gwen...what did you think of her?

KYLA- No problem! It's funny you ask about Gwen because we talk at least once week:) She is coming to LA this weekend and we are going to some Grammy parties together:) She was my absolute favorite girl on my show and we are still good friends (I guess that's obvious!;) We
might be roommates soon too...soo excited!! Oh- and I think Jake will pick Tenley:)
@Carrie- I forgot to answer your question about Aaron. He was just okay, really:-/ The last time I talked to him was on the phone in Utah. It's a funny story cuz I was getting my hair done and my mom was at the Home and Garden show at the Southtwon Expo and he was there handing out roses!!! hahaha!! So (if you know my mom, which you knew how she ... See Morewas!) of course she had to go up to him and introduce herself! So, then I get a phone call at the salon I'm at and it's Aaron on the other line asking if me and my mom want to go to dinner that night!! So funny!! My Grandma was with my mom and said she could tell he was a WOMANIZER..hehe! I believe he just recently got engaged? I still chat with Helene, the girl he chose from our season:)

Q- How many of the girls are hired actresses? Do they really propose or is it just show, you know like on family guy when the dog gets a handshake after the show ends and he was heart broken?

KYLA- None of the girls are's legit in that area! I love your guy, haha! The Bachelor doesn't have to propose (by contract) so if he does then it is the real deal. Some of the previous bachelors haven't proposed and one didn't even pick either of the two girls at the end of the show! I can't remember which one he was though..? But it is highly 'suggested' that he does in fact, propose to a girl at the end!

CARRIE- Is it hard to be "yourself" with cameras in your face? Kyla, you are quite the entertainer. I have loved every mintue reading this. Thank you, love ya!
We are going to have the longest thread of messages in Fbook history!! Awesome! This is so much fun:)

KYLA- @Carrie- Yes, it is sort of hard to be yourself because quite literally, there are cameras in your face 24/7!! You have to try your best to zone them out. Also at times, it just got plain annoying! I morning the camera was literally right in my face when I woke up!! Sometimes they try to be discreet while fimling they're not always that close!
Talk about literally in your face. A few more: Are the girls really looking for love? Or publicity? Were there girls that were seriously seriously seriously in love with Aaron season 2? You're a great sport for doing this Kyla, we will not forget our Kyla Tells All. This is very cool access!

ME- This is AWESOME! I've always wondered what goes on behind the scenes. Thank you Kyla for answering these questions for us :) Were you aloud to have cell phones? Or call home?

KYLA- @Crystal--NO! That was the hardest part! No cell phones, no talking to your friends or family back home, no magazines, and no TV! They just want you to be in the 'bachelor bubble!'
@Carrie--Some of the girls really are looking for love and some just want their 15 minutes of fame!;) A lot of these girls want to be actresses or something in the entertainment industry, so it's really good for publicity....sometimes..(that is, if they don't make an absolute fool of themselves on the show!;) I would say on my season, there were ... See Moreseriously some girls who fell head over heals in love with Aaron! Or at least they said they did and sure acted like it! Some of us thought it was a joke...thinking, "how can you really fall in love that FAST!" Honestly though, some of the girls really thought they had an 'instant connection' with him. But, once could be because you are forced to be in this bubble, where you eat, breathe and sleep THE BACHELOR! haha! There's no outside distractions (which is how they want it) so because of that, it brings on more drama and more emotions for some of these girls! Some of them have said afterwards that they couldn't believe some of the stuff they said/did on the show. You really are just with these women and this one guy. So your life, in those few weeks, just becomes ALL about it...kinda crazy!

ME- I have one more question :) Do you get paid at all? Do they give you those nice dresses? Or do you buy them before hand? Also, do you ever have make up artists or stylists?

KYLA- @Crystal--We got a per no, we really didn't get paid much:( The final few girls get paid a little more because they are gone longer. On my season, we brought our own dresses. However, on some of the dates...such as a one on one, sometimes they buy you a dress! Gwen went on a fairytale date and got this beautiful gown to wear:) You get ... See Morea lot of free stuff while you're there though. We would basically write a wishlist of, food, etc...and then the next day it would appear for us!! One of my dates was a surfing date and they bought us all a ton of swimsuits to choose from and other water accessories:) YES, we did have a hair and makeup artists, but usually only for the rose ceremonies. The further you get in the show...the more perks you get!:)


Anonymous said...

Thanks for coming by my blog! :)

I have to admit that I am also becoming a closet bachelor fan. So much so that my husband roles his eyes and laughs every time I watch it.

I'm always somewhat interested in how these shows work and how much is actually real! Thanks for sharing the interview.

Jen said...

Love it thanks!!!!

Joel and Carrie said...

I could have kept the questions going for weeks but I had to remember Kyla has a life unlike us stay at home Utahns. She's the best and she made checking my facebook exciting that week!

Kat @ said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post! Thanks soo much for sharing! Your Blog is fab. I'm such a follower (esp. now!).

Gabrielle @ i.craft said...

How fun to get the inside scoop! Thanks!

Holly said...

That is a great interview. I do not watch the Bachelor anymore..not sure why I used to LOVE it. I did a post awhile back on my reality show TV is a very interesting process and not always "real." I summed up my experiences with "you have to do what we say...sign here...if you mess up you owes us a trillion dollars."

Christina Lee said...

Wow this was GREAT insider info.!! Thanks for doing this!

Kat @ said...

As sad as this is... I LIVE for this stuff! I just blogged (with hubby) about Monday night's show. You'd appreciate!

Andrea said...

Wow, that is really interesting to hear some inside scoop!

Spreading some sunshine your way! Visit my blog and check it out!

Stephanie said...

HELLLOOOO From Sits! When I saw your post thinger on sits I couldn't help but come over! I know Vienna is crazy...but um....yea...I feel as though Jake will pick her at the end!

Kristin said...

OMG, YES. This was awesome. I KNEW the producers kept some girls around. Ah ha ha

Natalie at Mommy on Fire said...

Oh my word, Crystal! LOVE THIS POST! My husband and I are OBSESSED with the Bachelor. We can't figure it out why, but we do. We have vocalized all of these questions to each other so I am forwarding this post to him. Love it!!!

Anonymous said...

i am SO glad i found your blog through SITS! this is an awesome post! i just KNEW the producers made the guys keep certain ladies around!!!

{ Persis Shah } said...

loved reading this post and all the inside info! thanks for stopping by today...have a lovely day! x

Jenny said...

Hi, visiting from SITS. This was an interesting post. How fun of you to share it.

Just Breathe said...

I have an award for you so stop on over.

Mama Kat said...

This was great! I'm so glad she let you post it...totally makes me want to go undercover on the show though. Wonder if my husband would have a problem with that? Maybe we could work him into my dramatic episode.

Joby, Julie, and Cru said...

I knew the producers had a part in the drama!

P.S. I did make my own blog. I just did a search on three column blog templates. I just wanted a simple one, put there are tonz to chose from. They typically give you the HTML and you just copy that into your layout tab. Its really easy! You can even find step by step instructions from blogspot. Let me know if you need any help.

Jessica said...

Go to my blog. I have an award for you! :)

Rose said...

oh, I hope you don't mind but I kind of linked to your blog on my post. Just had to let my friends in on the juicy info. :)

Marilyn (A Lot of Loves) said...

I haven't watched this season of the Bachelor but I did watch the season that Kyla was on and remember it well. I thought Aaron was kind of lame myself - I was totally not into him at all. Interesting post!

Amanda said...

How cool!!! Loved it... I'm so bummed that I found out who he actually picks in the end ~ still watching it for the major drama that will be going down, but dangit!

Jessica said...

I just joined SITS and found your blog. I am a total closet Bachelor fan so love this post. Thanks so much for sharing all the behind the scenes info, so glad I stopped by!

Heidi said...

veeeeery interesting - that was super fun to read!

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

Quite interesting. A girl I work with, her boyfriend used to date one of the girls that was on Jake's season of the bachelor-Corey I think her name was.

I didn't watch much of Aaron's season, but I remember he seemed kind of boring. LOL

My hubby and I were asked to be on a reality show-The Marriage Ref with Jerry Seinfeld, they were willing to pay us but with all of the editing I always wonder how it will damage one's reputation. After thinking about if for several weeks, we decided not to do it. Most of what we see is created to look the way the producers want viewers to see it.

Recently there was a 2-hr special on the behind-the-scenes of the Bachelor. It was intriguing but it killed the show for me and now I don't watch any more. After Jake on the Bachelor, I stopped watching.

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