Top 3 Thursday

Tomorrow is FAB Friday, so don't forget to play along with me. FAB Friday is a day for us all to recognize the positive people in our lives and give them a little shout out. They can be living or not living, famous, or not, friend, or family member. Who ever they are, let's take this time to appreciate them, and share with others what we love about them, and how they may have inspired us in some way or another. If you choose to play along, here is the button you can grab, and be sure to visit me tomorrow to link up your blog posts.

As you all know, I've been working on a goal of getting 400 comments to support the MS cause. Turns out, that goal may have been a little high, so I'm willing to settle for 200 :) We're at 185 right now, so if you haven't already left a comment, please help support a good cause by leaving a few comments HERE I'm also going to be randomly selecting someone who will win Marc Jacobs Daisy perfume. So here is your last chance to win, go see the details for ways to comment. As soon as we reach that goal, I will donate $50 to the cause, as well as announce the winner of the perfume.

This week the top 3 Thursday question is, What are your 3 favorite names?
1. Of course I LOVE the name Lily :)
2. And Oliver
3. I also really love the name Brookelynn. I really want that to be my next daughters name, but not sure if Sean likes it as much as I do. I just think it's a beautiful name, and my middle name is Lynn, so it would be fun to pass it on in a way :)


Daisygirl said...

All great names! I didn't want to do my kids name because I of course love them! I love the name Lily and Brooklyn is adorable!

Danielle said...

I love all those names. We considered Lily for our daughter. Enjoy your weekend.


scrapwordsmom said...

I left my comment a while back:)

My names...

Emma {my daughter}
Jackson {my son}

Addison AND Crews Mama said...

I loooooooooove the name Brooklyn! I had that name picked out in College. I wanted to name Addison that but my sister in law already had a daughter named Brooklyn :(

the girl in stiletto said...

lily is my mom's name :p

but i love, aidan/aiden, adrianna, aizad. (aizad is rather a Malay name but i love the way it sounds) ;p

thank you for visiting my blog.

p.s i freaking love your layout!!

Julia, the Thanksgiving Girl said...

What a good idea to be praising good and positive people weekly! I'm all for that, obviously :) Positivity can truly save this world ;)

Muckala Family said...

Hmmm, it's obvious, like you, I love the names of my children (sorry 1 extra):

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