Duct Tape Cell Phone Case

I don't post a lot of crafty type stuff on here but wanted to repost this little tutorial I shared a few years ago because it's kinda going viral on Pinterest. Sooooo, here is my super simple duct tape case tutorial. 

What you need for this project:
-Duct tape
-An old t-shirt or some felt - about 6x15"  (You can probably make two cases with these measurements depending on the size of your phone.)
-Goo Gone (rub on scissor blades to keep them from sticking to duct tape)
-Your phone to measure

To make:
1. Cover your fabric with duct tape on one side, overlapping the duct tape at each strip's edges.

2. Trim a piece of the duct tape fabric that measures about 14" long and 2.5" wide. Trim one edge to a point.

3. Cut two pieces of the duct tape fabric that measure about 4 inches long and a half inch wide.

4. Put the two small pieces on the center of a piece of duct tape.

5. Attach the side pieces to the sides straight end of the main piece 

6. Put your phone on the top of the T, and wrap the long end of the strap up and around the bottom of the phone.

7. With your phone still inside the long strap, fold the wings up over the back side of the strap.

8. You should now have a pouch. 

9. Cut a piece of duct tape about 5.5" long. Fold it one-third up on the long end of the tape. Then fold down the top over the first fold. You should end up with one long strap.

10. Wrap the strap around the front of the case, not too tight. The backs of the strap should wrap around the back of the case.

11. Secure the back of the strap to the back of the case with duct tape.

12. You're done. The front flap should slide easily in and out under the strap. 


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