3rd Week of December

Last night Lily had her Christmas dance performance. It was adorable!!! I just love seeing her dance, and am grateful that she can be in dance. I always wanted to take dance growing up, but we couldn't afford it. So I feel blessed to be able to give Lily these opportunities.
Dec. 15th
Today, I'm just going to continue working on my Christmas list, and hopefully can get most everything taken care of.

Dec. 16th
Try a new class at the gym, or check out a video at the library. One thing I've learned, is that it's important to mix up your exercise routine. You don't want to get stuck doing the same old thing. Not only does it prohibit you from seeing the kinds of results you'd like, but also begins to be drudgery. You want to spice it up, keep it exciting, kind of like marriage :)

Dec. 17th
Have a "Spa Day". Well, wouldn't that be nice to have an entire day of pampering and relaxation. Unfortunately that isn't really possible for most of us :) But we can just pretend lol. I'm going to get a babysitter, go get a facial, and run some errands. That's a Spa Day enough for me. A little quiet time to myself is all I need sometimes to get me through the day, or the week :) Here's a website my friend told me about that has some awesome jewelry for moms. Maybe I'll buy myself a little something too. www.smartmomjewelry.com

Teething Bling® was inspired by babies who like to tug on our jewelry. It is the original patent-pending teething jewelry.

Dec. 18th
Today I want to just focus on reading my parenting book throughout the day when possible.

Dec. 19th
Work on organizing and getting rid of toys, making room for the new. Hopefully I can get Lily to help me out with this, and to be excited about giving some of her toys away to kids that don't have much. I just love being organized, so doing this will help me to not feel so overwhelmed with toys after Christmas. Here is another website my friend told me about. They sell these mom day planners. They look awesome!!! I may have to get myself one of these for the New Year. www.trulymoms.com

Dec. 20th
Just have a relaxing day with the family. No schedules, no "to do" lists. Just enjoy the moments :)


Nathalie said...

vielen Dank für dein tolles Kommentar. Ich schreibe Dir gerne auf deutsch :)
Lily sieht ja süß aus bei ihrem Tanzauftritt.
Wünsche dir und deiner Familie eine schöne Woche

Laura Lynn said...

Sounds like a good plan. A spa day would be awesome! There was a good one I went to when we lived in Sugarhouse. My husband starts vacation tomorrow and we have a list to do before Christmas - should be fun!
Thanks - I'm going to go check out those websites you listed.
See ya,

Mills Family said...

Oh I love the websites and the teething necklace! Keep em comin... I also can't wait till I find someone I trust to watch the kids so I can have some me time.. aka sanity time... lol Have a wonderful week :0) ps lily looks awesome in her costumes.. I took dance for 8 years and have a ton of dresses.. was hopin to have a girl to play dress up in them, but God gave me GI Joe boys :0)

Nikia, May and da kids said...

Oh isn't your idea of a spa day just like many LDS mamas? I love that you find a happy attitude about "pampering" yourself. Also, thanks for the website hook ups. Makes the "search" so much easier.

Cherish that gift you gave your beautiful daughter. A lifetime gift that gives you a lifetime of memories. Sweet!


Michael St. James said...

awwww...cute kid! Lovely blog.


Scha&Andi said...

i love the teething jewlery for moms. that is neato. i need to look at the daytimers for moms. i love organizers, daytimers, calendars. i would LOVE a spa day. but then i want to buy everything. dangit.

Scha&Andi said...

omg i went to the truly moms website and it says hot moms, soccer moms, horny moms, nude moms. i was dyin.

Kristin said...

Ahhhhhhhh, I must have a little girl. I don't think the dude would like it if I put him in a tutu. Actually, at 17 mos. he'd probably laugh. It's Daddy who might have an issue with it. Ah ha ha

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