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Today was my day to try a new work out, so I thought I'd share a little tip I use. A few years ago I had a subscription to the Fitness Magazine. There are a lot of different work out routines in each magazine, but instead of holding onto all the magazines (not a fan of clutter, because more than half the magazines are advertisements anyway), I just ripped out the routines I liked and started collecting them in this binder. This way I have lots of different ones to choose from any time I'm getting sick of the same old thing.

Here's a great one, just click on it to enlarge.


Nikia, May and da kids said...

Stay with it! Keep exercising. I'm about to jump back into the game. I have a few female cousins who are in there 40's with MORE stamina than many 20 somethings. They work out faithfully everyday, teach kick boxing and aerobics and spinning classes and tell me it is a HUGE sacrifice but they want to be healthy, stay active and still look great. And LOOK GREAT THEY DO!

After a swift kick in the butt and lecture from them, there is no excuse to let yourself go. I don't have to be super skinny (yeah right, like I ever was, lol) but I do want to be much healthier. Keep these healthy and motivational posts coming girl. I'm all ears!


Scha&Andi said...

yes crystal. this is a genius idea. i too hate clutter especially magazines all over the place. i always throw them away and forget the tips i liked. so bravo. i am a fan.

Missy said...

oh great post. i try to burn 500 calories 5 times a week so i go on the rower for 15 mins!

For all things fashion:

Elaine said...

Such a great idea!!! I'll have to keep that in mind next time I go through fitness mags!


Taylor Family said...

Hey Crystal- Happy New Year!
: ) i do the same thing!
I have a binder for
decorating ideas
parenting tips
and a crafts

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