A more serious note

Okay, so just wanted to be clear, that you all know that I was exaggerating a bit in my last post. I'm really not that obsessed, lol. My main focus, is really about finding a balance. I know it is easy to get carried away with this kind of stuff, but I really just want to be a well rounded person. Beauty is not all I care about, I believe that moderation is the key. I know there is much more to life. We are all going to get old eventually, and there is nothing we can do to stop it. One of my favorite quotes from Pres. Gordon B. Hinckley is when he talks about his wife, in his book, Standing For Something.
"As I looked at her across the table one evening recently, I noted the wrinkles in her face and hands. But are they less beautiful? No; in fact, they are more so. Those wrinkles have a beauty of their own, and inherent in their presence is something that speaks reassuringly of strength and integrity, and a love that runs more deeply and quietly than ever before".


Laura Lynn said...

President Hinckley - gotta love that guy.

Nikia, May and da kids said...

If people read your "about you " section, they would see your interests are more than laser treatments and tucks of any sort. A girl who serves a mission and puts her wife and mommy duties first, is NOT that shallow = )


The Gipson Gang said...

I love everything your writing about, and are helping to inspire me, something I have all but given up on. Who says you can't teach an old doggie new tricks!
I look forward to more of your enteries, and plan on incorporating many into my life.
Thank you again, and I wish you, Sean, Lily & beautiful little Oliver the merriest of Christmas' and a Blessed and Happy New Year! ;)

Verena said...

I love your blog! I read it everytime I get a few minutes. :o)
And I love the quote you mentioned about Pres. Hinkley! It is so true what he said!


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