Follow up for the week

This week seemed a little crazy, despite the fact that I said I was going to keep it simple. Monday we planned to go Ice Skating, but due to the FREEZING weather conditions, we had to skip that :( Which is a bummer, because I was really looking forward to it. Perhaps next year we'll get to experience that together as a family.
Tuesday and Wednesday I did my cleanse!!!! I was really excited about accomplishing that, because it takes some self control :) I posted a video link in my last post of my days on the cleanse.
Thursday I planned to get my Christmas Cards out, and the whole day I was scrambling around, feeling completely overwhelmed with the whole thing. So, I finally just had to throw in the towel, and decided to just skip it this year. I feel like such a scrooge, but I just don't want to make myself crazy by giving myself more than I can handle. I have to pick and choose where my time is best spent. I'm aloud to skip a year here and there, right? I do plan to send out a Christmas email with our recent family pictures. Hopefully that will be enough this year.
Friday, I wanted to have all my Christmas shopping done, lol, that didn't exactly happen either. I did get out and get a little shopping done though, and I put together a list of what I have left to do. So, hopefully I can have it all done within the next few days.
Saturday, was my day to plan out some healthy meals for this week. I've put a little something together. In my future posts I plan to show you a few tips and tricks I use to make eating healthy, easier, and tastier :) So, since we skipped ice skating, I decided to take Lily to see The Frog Princess to make up for it. It was our little mommy daughter date. It was so much fun to spend some special time with her. She ended up sleeping through half the movie, and is still trying to convince me that she didn't sleep, lol.
Sunday, we actually made it to almost all 3 hours of church. Olly gets really cranky without his morning nap, so Sean or I usually takes turns bringing him home for a nap. Later we went over to my sisters house to make Ginger Bread houses, and that was a lot of fun. This week I have been more conscious of trying to mention Jesus's birth, every time Lily brought up Christmas.
So, overall, I'm still proud of the way the week turned out. I'm working on my schedule for this week. I'll post it later tonight.


Couture Carrie said...

Your kids are adorable!
Thanks for stopping by :)


Test Site said...
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Jen said...

I agree picking and choosing your battles... But one thing I do for Christmas cards, a picture. With a little Happy Holidays! And the blog address this year. ( I plan to update it more) I also don't get them all out in time... Better late then never I say... (I skipped last year) Well Happy Holidays!!

Nikia, May and da kids said...

My post was acting funny earlier on your blog, but as I was saying, you do plenty and I bet your husband and kids would agree that they'd do anything with you without it being scheduled because it really does show what type of wife and mom you are to try and get their every need met.

Also, I had a bunch of female cousins serve missions but this is the first time I got to spend so much time with Sister missionaries. I can tell you they have renewed my daughter's spirit in the gospel. So to you and any sister who served, YA'LL ROCK!


Anonymous said...

I always have all these plans in my head and they never get done like I want, lol.

I want to take Emily to that movie. Is it good?

Scha&Andi said...

oh so cute. i so wanted to take gwen to that movie. but juid took them while i was gone. she wants to see it again so maybe we should go again together. let me know.

Verena said...

For my daughter Veerle it´s always hard at church. She is 22 month´s old. And I´m always trying to get her to sleep in her stroller. Sometimes it works.

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