Getting Ready For Christmas~ Part TWO

One thing Sean and I argue about this time of year, is WHEN to put up the Christmas tree. We had a little debate about putting it up BEFORE Thanksgiving but he's learned to follow the very wise quote, "Happy Wife, Happy Life" :) :) :)

Then he REALLY started to get into the Christmas spirit!!!


I found another company called Shutterfly that has a great selection of Holiday Cards. They are a little cheaper than the last one I posted about too. They happen to be the  #1 choice of professional photographers.
I didn’t order enough Christmas cards so I’m going to go with this company for the next batch. Here is the one I picked along with some information directly from their website. Just choose the card you want and upload your pictures, it's that simple.

•Store all your pictures on Shutterfly free of charge, safely—without limitations, or deletion.

•We do not shrink your original high-resolution images—giving you the best professional-quality prints and products in the industry.

•Instantly share your pictures online—friends can see them without signing up.

•Turn your pictures into personalized gifts—we’re #1 in quality, having won awards for our photo books, cards, and editing tools.

•We’ve got articles, videos and plenty of “How To” tips to support and inspire you.

•Pick up 4x6 prints at Target, Walgreens, and CVS in as little as an hour.

*If you have a blog and would like to receive 50 FREE cards then go HERE to see how.


One last thing before you go! I talked with Effie's Heart about changing the Giveaway Prize. I wasn't getting much response with the gloves, so we decided to just make it a $36 gift card instead. This way you can choose what ever you want. Shirt, Cabaret leggings, gloves, or whatever else you want on their website. Remember they offer free shipping anywhere in the US and this weekend for Black Friday, EVERYTHING is 30% OFF!!!!!!! To enter the giveaway, leave your comments  HERE.


Last year at this time I came up with a little schedule for the month of December and called it Gearing up for the new year. It's a whole 3 weeks of Christmas. If you'd like to check them out here is a link for each week.
Week #1
Week #2
Week #3


Katie said...

The fact that you let Sean have those animal heads in your house, you should be able to put up Christmas decor whenever you want :P. But what do I know?

Amy said...

Love the santa hats on the animal heads. I guess if you're going to have heads hanging in the house you might as well make them festive, and your tree is gorgeous!

Daisygirl said...

Love the tree! The Santa hats are a crack up! Happy Thanksgiving Escobar family!

Sandra said...

Great motto your husband has. But if that tree goes up before my birthday (Dec.14) I'm not a happy wife. Good thing you and I aren't married! :)
Although we'd make such a good looking couple, wouldn't we? And I could borrow your clothes!

Kristina P. said...

You are lucky! Adam doesn't even want to *think* about Christmas until after Thanksgiving.

Sara @ Domestically Challenged said...

I agree, happy wife, happy life. Especially when you have to have dead eye animals on your walls! I'd put up another tree!

FourJedis said...

Your tree looks beautiful and I love the hats on the animals!! :)

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

Love your tree and the santa hats! ha ha! I always use shutterfly they often send good discounts to my email too! Very easy to use with lots of options!

JaN's ArTy AtC JouRneY said...

Hi Crystal
Thanks for visiting my blog, and for your kind comments :)
I've just had a quick peekie at your blog, and Wow, your home is Gorgeous!! Mmmm, not too sure about hubby's animals!! ..but hey ho, marriage is a compromise I suppose eh!! ;)
You have such an inspirational blog, and I'm now following you too :)
Jan x

Sherry Edwards said...

I love your 'happy' quote - must tell my husband that one - lol!

Your Christmast tree is looking great - I love all the windows you have, it must be so lovely and bright in your home.

Thanks for stopping by my blog and following me - I'm now following you too!

Happy Thanksgiving to you and all your family x

ModernMom said...

Oh yes..Happy wife, happy life. No debate about when the tree goes up around here. Our Thanksgiving is in October. So it's after!

Nancy C said...

Our tree is up here, too. I love it!

Karla @ {The Classy Woman} said...

Look at that tall and gorgeous tree you have, Crystal-beautiful!

I've used shutterfly before for photo books and they do a great job and are pretty inexpensive too.

I saw that you were looking to order more cards, I just posted a giveaway to win $30 towards anything at Pear Tree. That could buy you a whole set of photo cards. Here's the link if you're interested in entering:

My hubby has that same motto too-happy wife, happy life. I hope you are well! :)

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