Crazy Cat Lady

I've always been a major cat lover.  I remember obsessing over cats as a child. I desperately wanted one of my own and the only hindrance was my moms allergies to them.
I did have a few OUTDOOR cats, or so my mom thought. When winter came around my heart ached as I watched them sit outside the sliding glass door in the bitter cold wishing to be inside where it was cozy and warm.  I would sneak them through my bedroom window at night and I even went as far as hiding a litter box in my closet.  I couldn't get enough of those darn felines. I think I had five all together at one point.
Soon after Sean and I got married he surprised me with a kitten!!! It was the happiest day of my life!!!
Okay, not really, but it was a pretty good day :) I obsessed over that cat like it was my own baby.
Soon after that I wanted yet another kitten. So we got one. Then I wanted ANOTHER, but don't worry, I didn't get one. I had a baby instead which cured the obsession. Those cats that were once my babies became nothing more to me than a furry nuisance. Cleaning out that litter box became a chore rather than something I did out of love for them. The constant shedding didn't make things any better either, funny how I never noticed it before.
So,  sadly times have changed and my poor cats weren't getting the attention they deserved. One of my cats who is mostly an outdoor cat now rarely comes around anymore, but the other one, well she desperately needed a new home. So I finally gave in to the idea. I'd been putting it off for years because I was afraid I would miss her too much.
Just three days ago, a little family came by to pick up my sweet little Jasmine :(

I'm not going to lie, I DO miss her...

I think my dog misses her too :) she was more obsessed with her than I ever was.

Lily still doesn't know that Jasmine is gone, I'm kind of curious to see how long it takes before she notices, hopefully she won't notice at all. I wouldn't want her to be sad about it.

...but each time I think of how cute, cuddly, and funny she was I just try to replace the thought with all the things I didn't like about owning a cat.

Here's a video I found that best describes me BEFORE kids.

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Kristina P. said...

I am most definitely not a cat person. But she is pretty!

Rebecca Talley said...

I had 2 cats and 2 dogs before I had kids. Having kids cured me of having pets. We now have cats and a dog (goats, a spoiled horse, and a minature donkey) but they're all outside animals. I figure I clean up enough body fluids in the house from my kids, I don't want to clean up after animals too.

Verena said...

As a child I was also crazy about cats. We had some cats that lived outside our house. My Mom didn´t want cats. And now my husband is allergic to cats and dogs. But to be honest, I ´m not that crazy about cats anymore. I just don´t have much time anymore, like you. But I understand that you miss her. Have a wonderful weekend.
Oh by the way, I have a new Blog button. ;)

Jenny Livingston said...

I'm definitely NOT a cat person, but I AM a pet lover! I have to laugh at my childless friends when they call their pets "babies", even though I used to be in their shoes (not even THAT long ago). While having a child has not diminished the love I have for my dog, it has taught me that there is definitely a difference between puppy love and a mother's love.

I LOVE the pictures of her sprawled out on the floor! She sure is pretty, and I'm sorry you'll be missing her.

Chaplain Donna said...

I was never a cat person. In fact I was afraid of them. I finally got one when my daughter begged me for a sibling. I knew the kid was not coming and I began to get her pets. Now I like pets and even have a dog.

It was tough to get rid of our cats a few years back. I think I know how you feel. I am glad you did not turn out like the lady in the video!

Sandra said...

She's a pretty cat, but my husband always said when I first got pregnant, "Once you have that baby, your cat is going to Pet Status." It did.

That one girl said...

Cats are totally nasty! You hid litter in your closet? You are sooooo much nicer than I am!!!

I once cat sit and let it outside... it was meowing at the door.

The cat never came back.

I never got to cat sit again!

Valerie said...

I am not a cat lover, but I am a dog lover. Dogs that don't shed, though.

They did take pet status when I had babies, but now that I am done having babies, the dogs help curb the baby hunger. ;)

What a sweet cat. I'm sad you gave her away, but ya gotta do what ya gotta do.

Tooje said...

Cats get such a bad rap! I like cats. I like their independence. I like that they don't "need" like dogs do. People love dogs so much because dogs are so darn "loyal" and it feeds their need to be needed. LOL

Okay, maybe that's just my philosophical take on it, but still....cats are cool. The shedding, however, I do not miss. My cat found a new home when we became pregnant with our first. Kitty shed like a wild banshee.

Elena said...

I loved kitties as a kid too. I still love them and would love to have one, but the hubby has allergies and now my youngest is allergice to cats too. I've been tempted to try the outdoor thing, but I know I'd feel too sorry for them and want to bring them in. So no kitties for us.

2busy said...

I couldn't give my cat away. I think I would cry to hard. I just arm my self with vacuum, lint roller, and furniture brush several times a week, to TRY to stay on top of the hair. I think the hair stays on top of me...

Leslie said...

I too LOVE cats!! I have had at least one ever since I was a baby. Just recently we had 2 cat's but we had to get rid of one, (of course, mine) she for no reason at all just started peeing on our bed, sheets, comforter and any clothes left on the floor!!!!!!!!!???? so weird! so after me having to change our bedding and wash it sometimes 2 times a day my husband said she had to go! I was sooooo sad! still miss her! it's only been a few months. We still have our black puma, (shadow) though. I think I will always have a cat till the day I die!! LOL sorry you had to let yours go. :(

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