The Planners Are HERE!!!

This is a handmade specialty day planner, that is a must have organizational tool when trying to balance your life as a mom.

It is a 1" Capacity binder (Holds Paper Size 8-1/2"x5-1/2"), covered in a variety of different designs of fabric (see below)  that is perfect for every mom. It includes essential to do lists and planning tools for keeping your house organized, making healthy meals, and spending quality time with your family. Comes complete with 3 months of meal plans and laminated grocery list organized by category making meals and grocery shopping less stressful. It also includes tabs, pockets to store receipts or notes, and two pen holders. You'll get two complimentary markers, one permanent sharpie, and one wet erase to use on the laminated pages.

So far customers have raved about these new planners. It's the perfect tool for the busy mom trying to balance it all. 

You will also get 52 weekly overviews, a laminated house projects list, a laminated daily routine schedule.

You can buy a list of activities to do with your kids for $6 or each additional month of meals for $8.

Watch this video for details on how to use it!

 I've been working hard trying to make these even better and more cost effective. So I went to my mom for help. She is an INCREDIBLE seamstress and helped me come up with a better idea for the binder covers, which didn't require any glue. Look how much nicer they look!!!  Also I got some bids from a couple of different printing companies trying to find the best price. Turns out that the laminating is what's killing me in cost. So these new binders are priced at $45 but it doesn't include the activities. If you'd like to add the activities in your binder, you can do that for an extra $3 (printed on card stock), or $6 if you want them laminated. Then the shipping will be $10.  More details HERE.




If you'd like to see another pink and brown zebra with a different flower, you can buy it HERE on etsy.










Green and Pink Damask



Activities (printed on card stock) $ 3.00


Activities (laminated) $6.00


Month #4 of Meal Plans (laminated) $8.00


Month #5 of Meal Plans  (laminated) $8.00

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Heidi said...

they look just wonderful, crystal! you and your mama make a great team! :)

2busy said...

These look so great! I really like the pink and black damask.

CK said...

Way to go, Crystal! These look awesome!


Rebecca Watson said...

they look so great crystal! good for you :)

Kate said...

Hi! Your planners are great and I would love to purchase do I purchase the activity sheets in the same transaction as the planner? Thanks so much!

Crystal Escobar said...

Hi Kate, I don't see an email for you so I hope you get this message. You can just purchase them separately and I will make sure it all comes to you in one package. I didn't add any shipping costs to the add ons.

Kate said...

thank you!

Candi B said...

Hello There,
I was just wondering how long they take to get to us after they're ordered ??? Thanks so much!

Verena said...

Wow, they look really good! You must have spent so much time making them. They look perfect! Awesome!!!

Alisa said...

I love the binder covers! I already have a planner like this that I use, but I don't have a cute binder cover for it ;)! Do you sell just the binder covers?

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