All Kinds of Weird

Okay don't get too grossed out, this is all part of nature.
So we have a dog, her name is Dresden (named after my mission in Germany), and she is the cutest darn Shih Tzu ever. We really want her to have a litter of puppies so we decided to hold off on getting her spayed...

And you know what that means_______

That's right, she has her period about every 6 months, YUCK!!!  We bought her these little dog diapers in hopes to lighten this horrific experience a tad. But really, they don't help much. They just come right off. We even tried duck taping it on.
No luck.

Oliver's not quite sure what to think of it.

She looks a little PMSy here, but don't worry I gave her some Diet Coke, Lindor Truffles, and a few pieces of Twizzlers liquorice.

You know, all the things that are pretty much a necessity during that time of month... meaning it's absolutely imperative for Sean to treat my "hormonal" time with the utmost respect... meaning these items must be readily available at any given time.

If he wants to survive that is.

Wait, who were we talking about again?
Oh, yah.
So back to the subject of animals. Have you ever seen a hairless cat?  Austin Powers and Friends doesn't count. I mean in REAL LIFE?

Well I have, and it's quite the experience. My friend Andrea has one and brings her over to visit from time to time. My kids love her and call her "Hairless Cat" instead of Char, which is her real name.

Isn't she beautiful!!!

Now for the REAL question.

Have you ever seen a hairless cat on her period?

Well here ya go.

Now you can say you've seen it all.

Have a great weekend!

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Ailinh Harris said...

Oh my word, I just died laughing at this post. Too great, girl! And nope, never seen a hairless cat. They look kinda like an avatar. Anywho, thanks for the laughs!

Sean Escobar said...

I'm laughing too Ailinh. Crystal is something else. "have you ever seen a zebra on it's period? Have you ever seen a parakeet on it's period?" oh my heck! Gotta share this one with my sister.

Anonymous said...

Pet monkeys are usually in diapers, but that is because of poop! This is a funny sight to see, guess it's better than making a mess in the house...this is why my hubby says animals are for outside!

Heidi said...

oh. my. weird - yes. :)

i've seen dogs in that condition before - but not a hairless cat.

AndreaB. said...

hahahaha- now you really have seen it all! ;)

MsBabyPlan said...

LOL, really this funny :)!

Kristina P. said...

I never even thought about dogs having their period!

And hairless cats creep me out.

NatureGirl said...

I am not sure I know what to do to process any of that. I'll be back later.

Verena said...

Oh I´m glad I´ve seen it all! Crystal you are so funny. I think by now I don´t want a dog anymore. ;)
You are great!!!
Have a wonderful weekend!

GrumpyGratefulMom said...

I am also still processing this.

Anonymous said...

HA! I really shouldn't have read this so late at night. I'm destined to have odd dreams tonight.

Addison AND Crews Mama said...

HA HA HA LOL! OMGosh this is hilarious!!!!!!!!

Mrs. K said...

Very strange post--but I love it. Thankfully I haven't seen a dog or hairless cat on their period but it doesn't sound too pleasant. I can't stand poop and other bodily functions so I know I wouldn't be able to stand that one. LOL. My husband would looove that hairless cat. thanks for sharing this hilarious post. :)

Stephanie in Suburbia said...

Oh dear, I always wondered how it worked when dogs has their periods. Sad!

Hairless cats creep me out. Do they feel slimy?

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

lol....oh wow, now that is a sight...I never thought about animals having a you know what stands out most to me right now from your post? Now I really want some diet coke and twizzlers!

carma said...

and to think the hairless cat photos I posted on my blog freaked me out - at least they were not diaper-wearing hairless cats - GAH!

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