Lily's Day Planner

Ever since I started making my new day planners Lily has been begging me for one of them. I kept telling her no until a light switch went on in my head and I realized that I could custom make one just for her.  I made her a morning chart, and a bedtime chart and I laminated them so that she could use her wet erase marker to cross off items as she goes. She has been so excited about it, I think mostly because she just LOVES to be like me :) It's so cute. Now she feels all grown up getting to use a planner just like mommy. 

Here is what her morning routine consists of.
*Eat breakfast
*Make bed
*Get dressed
*Brush teeth and brush hair
*Exercise and read ( I just recently added the exercise part to her chart and she is really enjoying it. I tell her to do things like, 20 jumping jacks, run around the couch 10 times, push ups, sit ups, ect. She sometimes even does Yoga, or the Insanity work out when I'm doing it. I think the exercise part is her favorite. She gets all excited about it, and when I tell her she's done she says she wants to do more.)
*Play or school
*Clean up toys

Then her night time chart looks like this.
*Eat dinner (she gets to cross it off only if she eats it all)
*Bath time
*Jammies and have a snack
*Brush teeth
*Read and do school books with mom then bedtime

At the end of the week if she gets all her boxes marked off she gets to choose from the bag of wrapped dollar toys I got for her.

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Sandra said...

Not only are you stunningly beautiful, but you're brillian! I love that you are this entrepreneur, creative darling!
And Lily is well on her way to being the most organized child in eva!

Erin said... have something here! You should set up a listing in your etsy shop..and use pics of Lily's :)

2busy said...

Fun idea! You should sell those, too!

JaYm said...

That's a fun way to teach her to be organized and responsible. What a good mommy U are :)

MrsKBJ said...

What a cute idea!! My daughter would love that if she was a little older. We have a potty sticker chart now :O)

That one girl said...

Brilliant. Seriously BRILLIANT!

I'm thinking a potty training planner...

That one girl said...

Oooh, what about a HUSBAND planner?

Clean up after wife made you amazing dinner-

Buy wife flowers because she is totally amazing-

Remember wife's birthday, don't want to repeat last year-


Stephanie in Suburbia said...

I LOVE this idea! This is seriously very marketable. My daughter is only 14 months, but this is being saved in my folder for the years to come.

Nicole said...

What a great idea! I'll have to implement something similar when my daughter is older :)

Becky said...

Hi Crystal! I'm a new follower at the MMB! Nice to meet you!

Real Life Reslers said...

That's simply adorable! I love the idea of the little wrapped dollar gifts.

Heidi (lilmommyfoofoo) said...

Awesome! Seems like something my girls would love!

Candace @ Candace Creations said...

That is so perfect! WOW! And great takes a lifetime for many of us to learn to use planners and get organized...she's lucky to have you for a mom teaching her by example! We just started doing charts 2 weeks ago, not getting out of bed has been the hardest one for her to get stickers. I love this idea so cute! You amaze me!

Heather said...

Such a cute idea! Can I trade "to do lists" with her??? haha!

Amanda said...

GREAT IDEA!!!! My kids are always loving to do what it is that I do. I always try to include them somehow.

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