Wannabe Lean Challenge

I'm so excited to reveal all the details for our Wannabe Lean Challenge this month. This is the perfect time of year to get back on track with healthy eating. The number one New Year's Resolution goal is to lose weight! So come on, let's do this together.  I'm giving away $100 Visa Gift Card to one of you lucky ladies. I want to add more incentive in order to motivate you all to achieve your best results possible. I will randomly select a winner at the end of the month from all who participate. See the Rafflecopter below for the 4 ways to enter. Be sure to use the hashtag #wannabelean when ever you post anything about being healthy, fit, losing weight, ect. I want to check out all your cool inspiring pics and this is the best way for me to see them all. Even better, you can tag me in them!!! Also by using the hashtag you will be able to connect with other women participating in this challenge. We're creating a positive supportive community by liking and commenting on each others pics. We need regular encouragement from one another so this will help us all find and follow one another on the different social media platforms.

Step #1

Take your before pictures!!! You might not be too thrilled about doing this, but trust me, you will be SO happy you did once you have your AFTER pics to compare them too. I did NOT enjoy looking at these pics of my post baby belly, but I knew that my hard work and determination would pay off.
(For information on the 30 Day Nutritional Cleansing program I use, message me for details. You can find all the ways of contacting me in the top right hand corner of my blog.)

Step #2

Make sure you have downloaded the free Periscope app. Create a profile then look me up and follow so that you can catch my regular Periscope videos. I love to share tips and tricks on losing weight and staying fit and healthy. You will also be doing your OWN weekly Periscope videos. I will provide a list of prompts you can choose from if you're not sure what to talk about.

Step #3

Use this daily and weekly checklist.


  • Watch the affirmations video. It's important that you listen to, watch, and or read positive affirmations DAILY. We want to instill these beliefs and healthy habits within our brain to power us through each day. The mind is incredibly powerful so lets start at the source of success, our BELIEFS! This affirmations video I created covers everything you should be doing each day, including the practice of good posture, drinking lots of water, avoiding sweets, getting physical exercise, plenty of rest, eating slowly, ect. 


  • Do your Periscope video. I know you may be a little nervous about the idea of doing your own Periscopes, but lets step out of our comfort zones and try something new. Read my Wannabe Fearless post for information on how to get started on Periscope and a list of prompts you can choose from. If you're in the Wannabe Balanced Facebook group then you can start connecting with this amazing group of women who are so very supportive. Let us all know your Periscope handle so that we can follow you and support you by watching your Periscope videos. Use a prompt I have provided for you, or choose your own. But be sure to always start by introducing yourself briefly, share your health & weight loss goals and progress. The purpose of this is to help hold you accountable and to feel the support from other women doing this Wannabe Lean challenge.
  • Meal prep
  • Plan your work outs!!!
  • Reward yourself! You deserve a little mini gift for a job well done. Go get a pedicure, buy some new workout shoes, outfit, headphones, music, water bottle, ect. The reward could even be something simple like getting a sitter to watch the kids while you take a nice long bath with lavender and candles. How nice does that sound. Give yourself something to look forward to, something HEALTHY though. Try to avoid rewarding yourself with treats.  a Rafflecopter giveaway


Heather Sica-Leonard said...

So excited for this challenge! Cannot wait to start! Thank you for being such a positive inspiration Crystal!!
<3 Heather

Karrie Millheim said...

Starting the new year out right. hopefully to get fit and feel better. I already lost ten lbs

Jennifer said...

I am so excited to get started on this challenge, led by someone whom I really look up to for inspiration. With this challenge, my biggest goal is to increase my sense of self worth by treating myself in healthy ways -- the way God would want me to!

Haleigh said...

This is great! I love the idea of daily affirmations too!

Jen Moyer said...

Love this! ❤️

Mindy Nagel said...

I can't think of a better way to start the new year! 😁

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